TOPAZ early 2018

Topaz Adopted!

4/30/2019 – TOPAZ and TUX Adopted together!!!

I guess I finally need to break the news and let everyone know that TUX & TOPAZ have been adopted!!!

This is a tough one for me to type since I feel like these two cats are FAMILY!!! I can’t imagine the lodge without being greeted by TUX every day! He is the lover boy of the century and has been our mascot for the past SEVERAL years!!!

BUT, it is so unfair to keep them at FURR in one little room when there is a family out there that wants them! It took me quite a while to be able to approve of someone “worthy” enough to take these two kitties! I think this is a beautiful and wonderful fit!

The couple that adopted HISSY & PEPE are in love with their two new additions! HISSY & PEPE are doing GREAT and I will send you some pictures in a separate email. During this adoption, I met their daughter (Abby Grace) who was about to graduate from Liberty with her nursing degree. She has already landed a great job in Rock Hill, SC! Abby Grace is graduating this month and then taking a week vacation with her family. When she returns, she will be living with her parents for a year to save money & get her own place. She has a long term boyfriend that I met also and his name is Mike.

When AG and Mike come to FURR to visit Tux & Topaz, Mike has made an amazing connection with Topaz! He brushes her and pets her and she really likes him! It is so wonderful to see her happy! TUX and TOPAZ will live in the upstairs of the house for a while and Hissy and Pepe will live downstairs for a while……..I am sure they will all get along and be fine after a few weeks of adjustment period!

TUX & TOPAZ are leaving on Monday, May 20th. I may need someone to go with me since I will be a total mess leaving them. This is so wonderful for these two cats that have waited SO LONG for a home! It is bittersweet to me & I already cry at the drop of a hat thinking of them being gone from FURR……….

Topaz’s original Story

Sweet “Orange & White!” kitty returned to FURR after adoption due to a “change in personality”!!! Watch her video to see how great she is now!

Beautiful cat left FURR healthy at about 12 pounds and was returned at JUST UNDER 17 POUNDS! Not only was she being terrorized and chased by the other household cats, she was also only 12 pounds when she left the facility and just under 17 pounds when brought back. Being overweight is a health hazard, it also reduces a cat’s self-esteem and abilities. This obese girl had lost all of her confidence and could not even clean herself!

But after getting lots of love, care, and attention TOPAZ is now healthy again, feeling a lot better about herself, and is ready to move on to a special forever home.  Although she gets along well with other kitties, she is also fine by herself, and due to her quiet, gentle disposition she would be a perfect fit in a senior home.  TOPAZ just wants to be loved and she will be so very grateful and loving in return!

This sweet, quiet kitty is very dear to us and we will miss her, but it is time she finds a permanent home.  Please give TOPAZ the opportunity to share that special forever home with you.  We know you will be happy with her and she will be a loving, wonderful companion to you.

Like all FURR kitties, this kitty is fully vetted with vaccinations and spaying/neutering. The Adoption fee also includes Microchipping to an approved home only.

For adoption information or to schedule a visit to the FURR lodge to meet this kitty please email Terry at

Learn how to adopt this kitty! FURR adopts to approved homes only in the Charlotte and surrounding area!

If you are not ready to adopt a kitty, please consider fostering or sponsoring. All donations are tax deductible.