Pine Oak-November Cat of the Month

This is one beautiful girl! Look at her unique colors and big gorgeous eyes! Watch her video!

This little lady was found under a house with her 5 sweet babies and now after some love and food, she is so loving and ready for a home of her own.

Update November 2016

Pine Oak with New Parents Chuck & Tina - Nov 2016
Pine Oak with New Parents Chuck & Tina – Nov 2016

Can you believe it!!!  I got a call from the young couple that adopted Pine Sap, one of Mama Pine Oak’s kittens.  I was told that the parents had fallen in love with Pine Sap’s mama on line, hence, Pine Oak!  Last weekend when I was out of town taking care of my parents (my Dad was just in a car accident….but ok), they had come out to see and meet Mama Pine Oak!  They absolutely fell in love with her!!!  I spent the weekend on the phone with them and it was apparent to me that they would be the perfect home!  They currently did not have any animals and really were ready for another kitty!  I got home from Wilmington late Monday afternoon, but they wanted her!  So, I got all of her records together and delivered her to her new home!  Tina & Chuck are her new parents and they are totally smitten!!!  What a lucky break for this mama cat!  Usually, as you know, all the kittens get adopted quickly, and the mama cats (like Mama Mia!) wait and wait and wait for a home!  This is such a happy adoption!  This is the note I got from them, and I quote:

“She’s doing really well! We’ve already opened the bathroom door so she has the run of the bathroom and our bedroom! She’s eating really well and is such a diva about her litter box!  She’ll talk to us and purrs like a motorboat!  We love her so much and she loves us!  She’s so affectionate!  What did we do without her?”

That says it all!  Happy trails Mama Pine Oak!!!  We will miss you!  You were a terrific mama kitty!

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