In the FURR rescue facility there is a ‘Miracle Wall’ with pictures of kitties who have survived death-defying ordeals. When you read their stories below from 2015-2016 as only Terry can tell them you will understand why they have this very special designation even among all of FURR’s amazing survival and rehabilitation stories.

These stories are also a powerful testament to FURR’s many years of successfully rehabilitating feral kitties, especially the ones like these few who most desperately need critical care, attention and lots of love.

Treesa was so horribly abused she ran up a tree and stayed there for five days without food or water until FURR got the call to rescue her… Read Treesa’s story.


Arbie's Pretty Portrait

Arbie was a feral kitten when she was rescued by FURR along with the rest of her family. Once trapped, we saw she was  in bad shape, very underweight for her age and looked like she may not make it… Read Arbie’s story

Cane Kitty

FURR received a call that animal control was headed out to Cane Creek Park to round up and euthanize the feral cats living there. Campers fed them and they had somehow survived but that was ending… Read Cane Kitty’s story

Connie Aug 2015FURR got a call from someone at animal control. In the coldest weather, a cat was put in a cardboard box and left outside. It was two days before anyone noticed the box… Read Connie’s story


DarrenA lady from out of town called FURR to help trap two cats in her deceased mom’s house in Charlotte. The story of these two cats is unbelievable. The mom has passed away for two weeks before being discovered… Read Darren’s story


FernOne of the FURR volunteers passed by a large deserted place that used to sell produce but had closed and the feral cats living there had been left to fend for themselves. They were skin and bones…Read Fern’s story

Foxie Nov 2015FURR received a phone call late one night from a person with a horse farm where dogs had chased something underneath a shed and would not let it out.  The people
knew they could lock up the dogs…Read Foxie’s story

Itty BittyThis story is unbelievable in every way. FURR got a call from a lady saying she heard crying for DAYS under her house. She finally called someone for help…Read Itty Bitty’s story

LacrosseGet the Kleenex out because I have not had to care for a kitty in this bad of shape for a while. He was shivering, hungry, emaciated and weak. This poor kitty was curled up at a Lacrosse field during a game…Read Lacrosse’s story

Mama ExxonFURR noticed a TON of feral cats living at an Exxon station in one of the busiest intersections in Wilmington, NC. The cats were feral kittens, young adults and grown cats scrounging for food…Read Mama Exxon’s story

Mama MiaFURR was notified about some kittens living dangerously at a construction site. Buildings were being torn down and the kittens were hiding in the buildings. The kittens were in bad shape and scared to death…Read Mama Mia’s story

PouletPoulet was discovered alone on a chicken farm. No other kittens nor a mama cat were ever found. It appeared that the tiny kitten was abandoned at this farm…Read Poulet’s story

ScrappyThis poor kitten was trying to survive at a horrible scrap yard! How did she get there?! She was tiny when she was trapped by a FURR volunteer. She was lucky to be rescued before being run over…Read Scrappy’s story

ZaxbyZaxby was slated to be euthanized within the hour and a rescue group was trying to save him when FURR was called about a cat that was trapped, taken to animal control and labeled as “extremely feral”…Read Zaxby’s story


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