Dandelion May 2013
Dandelion May 2013

We need kitty Foster Parents! If you live in or near Wilmington, NC and would like to be a kitty foster parent, contact Terry Schultz at Adoptafurrcat@gmail.com for more information. She always has a list of kitties waiting to be rescued and having a few foster moms and dads would really help.

Fostering can be a very rewarding experience for a family or an individual. You will get to enjoy the company of a lovely kitty for awhile, and you will be helping to save a kitty’s life!

Warning! If you are a first time kitty foster parent you will fall in love with your foster kitty and it will be very difficult to part with the kitty when he or she is adopted. You just have to remember that you have played a very important part in helping the kitty to have a good life.

There is another kitty waiting to be rescued that also needs you.

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