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Check back soon for new adoption successes as there are many more successful adoptions happening than are listed here!








Just some our adoption stories this year – there were so many more!:


More great stories to come, starting with:

  • FINCH is finally home
  • JAY is enjoying his new family
  • SPARROW is a special boy in great new home
  • KATIE and ABBIE are now being adorable for their new family
  • LOGAN is loving his new home
  • STORMIE is an incredible survivor now living the good life
  • GIRLFRIEND is GORGEOUS and now living with her new family
  • WENDY, WILEY and MELBA are adorable kittens who quickly found loving homes
  • FERN is finally home for good
  • CASHMERE  adopted – check back soon for this story
  • BUGGY  adopted – check back soon for this story
  • LACROSSE adopted -check back soon for this story
  • MEEZER KITTEN 5 adopted – check back soon for this story
  • MEEZER KITTEN 3 adopted – check back soon for this story
  • CHIFFON & MEEZER KITTEN 4 adopted together – check back soon for more on their story
  • DEVON & CASANOVA adopted together – check back soon for more on their story
  • MEEZER KITTENS 1 & 2 adopted in August – check back soon for their story
  • TRISCUIT & BISCUIT adorable sisters adopted together
  • PURRAGE is so brave – and now so Adopted
  • REBO is “Reborn” with a new Family
  • DEXTER & CHENILLE adopted together after only a day on this web site!
  • CRACKER & DANNY adopted together!
  • MEEZER1 this gorgeous kitty was adopted so fast she debuts on this ‘success stories’ page!
  • JEFFREY this handsome, manly cat is now also a family man
  • MINNIE this sweet girl now have a sweet home and family too
  • MOUSE finds a great home after only a short time at FURR
  • MISTER is adopted quickly after love at first site for his new family
  • SHEBA her new home includes another lilac point or Siamese mix like her – what are the odds?
  • CLARISSA finds the perfect ‘House of Chaos’ just like she likes it
  • HUDSON and TORI adopted by their long-time Foster Mom
  • GABBY and MICKEY go to their new home – best friends together FURRever!
  • “NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK”– all have great homes but their Mama HISSY FIT is still Available!
  • PATOOTIE is saved TIWCE by FURR before being adopted
  • PERCY now enjoys a new FURR-ever friend, Pooh and his FURR Family
  • PANINI finds happiness and home at last – after years of waiting
  • SUN CITY SISTA KITTY is the gorgeous Momma to the ‘Sun City Family’ is the last of her group to find a loving FURRever home.


Whew! We have had many wonderful Adoptions in the past 2-3 months or so (photos and stories coming soon!):

  • FEBREEZE & BABY BOUNCE – I delivered Mama FABREEZE and her look-a-like baby BOUNCE to their wonderful new home!
  • DOWNEY, SNUGGLES, WOOLIE – Adopted all three together! As you probably have figured by now, the wonderful Catholic Deacon and his wife (Dave & Sue) that adopted DOWNEY & SNUGGLES also took WOOLIE!
  • ALANA & MAMA MIA – Well, the story and players have changed a little bit, but the reality is the same……..two totally deserving and old residents at FURR have finally gotten mama their dream come true! Read Mama Mia’s Miracle Wall story!
  • MAMA EXXON – Paula came to FURR, along with her friend & our volunteer Kathleen, and Paula was wanting a friend for Meow Meow!  She was determined to get a cat that “needed” a home and one that was a young adult.  Paula picked our dear sweet Mama Exxon!!!  I was thrilled but cried my eyes out…..this poor sweet kitty has been through so much in her lifetime! Read her Miracle Wall Story!
  • VILLA – Has gone to an amazing home with her two new loving parents!!!  She will have an amazingly HUGE house to run around in and she will be spoiled rotten!
  • SUN CITY MAMA KITTY, PUTT PUTT AND MINEY – A great family that had lost their older kitty recently decided it was time to get a couple of new family members.  The family saw us at PetSmart, but literally couldn’t decide between the cats!  They seemed to love them all…Putt Putt and Miney both approached the kids lovingly and playfully.  Then, the Dad went into the adult rooms and really liked Sun City Mama Kitty!  After a family discussion, they decided to take all three!
  • SASSY – A few months a girl called Terry saying she saw Sassy on Petfinder and wanted her.  She had lost her white kitty to Cardiomyopathy a few months earlier. Sassy reminded her of him. Sassy did a few tricks and was on her best behavior. Long story short I delivered Sassy to her new home the day before Thanksgiving.
  • SHINEY & PEWTER – Shiney and Pewter went to their new home and I still can’t believe that these two Wilmington EXXON cats were trapped, rescued and NOW live in a penthouse apartment at SOUTHPARK!
  • VILLA – Has gone to an amazing home with her two new loving parents!!!  She will have an amazingly HUGE house to run around in and she will be spoiled ROTTEN!!!
  • SASSY – A few months a girl called Terry saying she saw Sassy on Petfinder and wanted her. She had lost her white kitty a few months early and Sassy reminded her of him. She met Sassy and fell in love.  Sassy did a few trick and was on her best behavior. Long story short I delivered Sassy to her new home the day before Thanksgiving. She was shy when I left her but she is coming out now. She has even done some tricks for Ashley and her husband.
  • DILLIE – Adorable little angel was found by an elderly lady in the middle of the highway! She said when she saw this baby in the street and when she opened her door, the kitten came running up to her!
  • ROBIN & SONNY – A family had been evicted due to their house being CONDEMNED! All of the “OUTDOOR” cats would have no where to go. My friend trapped the mama kitty and her 3 teeny babies. She has kept the mom & 3 babies for 2 months in a foster home. So, foster mom fell in love with MAMA and one of the babies!  The two kittens I got are down right GORGEOUS! SONNY is a long haired spotted tabby!!!! VERY unique and very soft & GORGEOUS! His brother, ROBIN, is a little bigger than SONNY and he is a long haired black & white kitty with gray in his fur.
  • ANKLET & PANDORA – Pandora and her younger sister Anklet were rescued from a horrible situation living behind a gas station. Both are torties, very similar in color and markings, with Pandora having a light stripe between her eyes which enables you to easily tell them apart. They are affectionate and exceptionally friendly – always there to greet you at the door and ready to play.
  • BLUE JEAN & BLACK JACK – BLUE JEAN is a BEAUTIFUL Russian Blue color with WHITE, this little boy is sooooo quiet and reserved! Unlike his brother BLACK JACK, BLUE JEAN is very calm and just loves to be held & loved on! BLACK JACK is a little more adventurous & spunky, but as different as the two brothers are, they are attached at the hip!

These Success Stories are from earlier in 2016:


  • Darren – a True Christmas Story
  • Gummy – Great Story – Greater Happy New Beginning
  • Apollo and Zeus – Adopted together – staying together
  • Cassie – From FURR to FURRever
  • Renee and Jesse – Sibling Snugglers
  • Foxie – From Fearful to Fabulous
  • Gabby & Butterscratch – Living the Good Life Togeher
  • Avalon – This beautiful black kitty’s family ‘Sees the Light’
  • Scrappie & Rustie – A true Rags to Riches Success Story
  • Winter & Clover – Two equally amazing survival stories
  • Patty Cake – Rescued, then rescued again – her death defying journey
  • Bradley – Adopted with Itty Bitty as a Foster Friend
  • Aphrodite & Eros – Adopted together
  • Iris Adopted – Another amazing survival story
  • Jacklyn – Beyond Gorgeous Transformation
  • Acorn – From a horrible beginning to a happy, healthy boy
  • Whyme – A true story of ‘Why me?!’
  • MILLIE – Adopted out to a wonderful family with 2 teens and 2 parents. They are a lovely family and have a new and beautiful house that they just built in the Weddington area.
  • ZAXBY – Adopted by a sweet young family with 2 little kids!  The kids are very well mannered and this will be their first pet! They had an immaculate house and are so excited about getting Zaxby!  He will have lots of attention, love and play time with this family!
  • MARVINA – As you may know already, Marvina got adopted last week.  Thank you Kathleen for bringing your friends to FURR! This family has 2 young boys, mom and dad.  They live in the Steele Creek area and just lost a very very very old kitty! Marvina is already with the family and doing absolutely great!  She is getting tons of love and she was purring from the get go!
  • CHESSIE – Thank you so much Christine Schultz for bringing your next door neighbors to FURR! They were thrilled to adopt Chessie and what a perfect home with 2 teenage twins, mom & dad! Chessie settled in quickly when she left and I am so happy for her!
  • COPPER – Scrappy’s Mom called and said they had been thinking about getting  Copper to keep Scrappy company!  How wonderful is that! This fabulous family has already been checked out and approved when they got Scrappy, so it was a no brainer to let them have Copper!!! They took Copper home and all is going great!!!
  • CATFISH,  TUNA and Many More!

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