TARGET_AND_BLUE_BELL Nov 2014Part of FURR’s philosophy is to help folks with their cat problems, from behavioral problems to re-homing situations to education about feral cats. So FURR may be able to help if you need advice about a cat dilemma or issue.

We cannot solve all cat-related problems and we are not able to take in an unlimited number of cats. But we can advise you and refer you to additional resources for help with your specific needs.

FURR spends a great deal of time every day helping to educate our communities about the needs to feral and domestic cats.


  • Our goal is to keep your beloved cat in YOUR home if at all possible.
  • FURR does make house calls to help solve cat problems when time permits for a small donation to cover gas (depending on the location)
  • Many cat issues have simple solutions and can prevent cats from going to animal control.
  • Cats are domestic animals! Cats running from people are called “feral” cats because they are afraid and not socialized, but they are still domestic animals, not wild, and completely able to be tamed and adopted into a FURR-ever home.
  • When you see a stray cat running away from people, because it is scared, this is a “feral” cat.
  • Feral cats are 100% tameable and adoptable! It is not their fault that they have been trying to survive the best they can and they certainly do not deserve to die in an animal ‘shelter’.
  • Call FURR and get information on how you can help if you see a feral cat.
  • You may be able to save a life!


  • These cats should NOT be trapped and taken to animal control where they are immediately euthanized.
  • A feral cat is NOT a wild animal, but rather a domestic animal that has been forced to either survive on its own, without human contact, or one that has been lost, put out by someone or separated from its original home and become frightened.