Peek-a-Boo with Terry after eye surgery 6-14-19

Peek-a-Boo: Successful Surgery and Adoption!

June 23, 2019 – Peekaboo is Adopted!!
Wonderful news!! Check back soon for his adoption story!

June 14, 2019 Update – Eye Surgery Successful!
The fundraiser for the past two weeks was a quick success, then the eye surgeon had a cancellation and …. Viola! We now have a great photo of Terry with Peek-a-boo today right after surgery!!! Terry reports that all went well and he is doing great! Let’s look forward to more updates soon on how much he is enjoying life – pain free – with his mom and siblings!!

Original Post June 3, 2019 – This kitten is in PAIN!
He is so tiny, but this injury/ulceration on his eye looks horrible. Terry Schultz, FURR’s President, discussed this kitten’s eye with Dr. Moses AND with an animal ophthalmologist (specialist) who confirm the surgery needs to happen ASAP.

Original Story – June 3, 2019

I received a phone call from a nice couple that adopted a kitty from me years ago. Since then, they had accumulated 3 more rescue kitties. They are the nicest couple and really care about the cats. Recently some stray cats showed up on their back porch, one by one, until there were FOUR strays begging for food. They, of course, were fed & given clean water on the deck.

A couple of weeks later, one of the skinny adult female cats showed up with FOUR kittens! They were tiny and this couple called me about them. It is so upsetting!!!

Every time I would see pictures of the kittens, they looked worse and worse. Between the heat, the fleas/parasites and trying to nurse on an emaciated mom, they really didn’t stand a chance. One of the kittens started looking like it had an infected eye. At that point, I knew that kitten would die from infection. SO, I went out and trapped the mama cat and grabbed the 4 kittens with my hands. I am trying to make arrangements for the other 3 adult cats to be fixed & vetted. They will, unfortunately, have to be released back at the house, but at least they will have food & water and a complete vetting.

I got the 5 rescues on Thursday night and got them to 4 Seasons on Friday morning.

Mom had never, ever been picked up, or handled really, and as scared to death as she was, she just seemed to know that we were trying to help her. She was very good for the exam, blood testing, shots, etc. I was very very proud of her!

The kittens were all examined also. They are between 3-4 weeks old. One is VERY tiny and three are normal size for that age.

One of the normal sized kittens does have to have his left eye removed once he is old enough for surgery. It is so sad and looks horrible. I can’t stand waiting for the surgery while knowing he is in pain, but he is too little right now. His eye has ruptured and must come out. He is a cute little fuzzy buff boy. We will be needing to raise $$$ during that time to pay for his surgery……

Say a prayer for this family that they all make it and end up healthy and happy. The mama cat seems very grateful and I took a picture of her this morning, with a full belly, relaxed and stretched out while she slept! It was a wonderful thing to see!!!