Kitten’s Eye Urgently Successful!!

June 14, 2019 Update – Eye Surgery Successful!
The fundraiser for the past two weeks was a quick success, then the eye surgeon had a cancellation and …. Viola! We now have a great photo of Terry with Peek-a-boo today right after surgery!!! Terry reports that all went well and he is doing great! Let’s look forward to more updates soon on how much he is enjoying life – pain free – with his mom and siblings!!

Original Post June 3, 2019 – This kitten is in PAIN!
He is so tiny, but this injury/ulceration on his eye looks horrible. Terry Schultz, FURR’s President, discussed this kitten’s eye with Dr. Moses AND with an animal ophthalmologist (specialist) who confirm the surgery needs to happen ASAP.

So we desperately need to raise $1,000 to pay for both the surgery, medicine and post-surgical appointments.

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He was recently rescued with his mama and siblings, and they are getting the medical care, food and love they need as well, so let’s help this little guy feel much better too!!