Samantha Adopted!

Update: October, 2019:
Check back soon for her success story!

Update: June 12, 2019:
SAMANTHA WAS SPAYED YESTERDAY. She is doing well & resting in the cage in Pinky & Hooter’s room. She is LOVING attention and making biscuits! Please spend time with her and let her know she is loved! She is, of course, on pain meds!!! She must stay in her cage until at least Friday. Then I will discuss with JUDY about letting her out!

TWO OF SAMANTHA’S KITTENS: ALTO & ADANTE left for their new home! They are doing great & will be picked up by me in about 3 weeks to complete their neuter surgery and shots. The young lady that adopted them is absolutely inundated with them & having a ball! Right now, they are in her bedroom playing, climbing on their new cat tree, playing with toys and enjoying their new home!!!

Original Post:

MOM SAMANTHA has had her tough moments, but was lucky to be rescued by FURR just in time! She was living in the woods, trying to make it on her own when a good samaritan called FURR! SAMANTHA was just about to POP with babies and she was emaciated, covered in fleas and in a pretty bad state! FURR took her in and got her healthy, birthed SEVEN little babies and now the family is doing GREAT! SAMANTHA is only about 2 years old and she is very attached to the little boy kitten that looks just like her! It is so cute to see them together! FURR would really love it if someone would adopt the pair together! We will give a discount on the adoption fee just to keep them as a pair. SAMANTHA and NOCTURNE are completely vetted, blood checked, fixed, etc. They are both amazingly sweet! NOCTURNE is quite playful and just bounces around, where SAMANTHA puts up with his nonsense and just loves to cuddle with him! Come and visit this adorable mom & baby soon!!!

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