Rescuing a Colony!

March 8, 2020 The TNR project in Hampstead that I am working on is going right along pretty well.  I have trapped eight cats now, out of the 25, and had them fixed, shots, dewormed, etc., and released. 

They have been pretty sick, with upper respiratory infections, so I have given them antibiotic shots and I hold them until they are feeling better.  One of the cats had horrible bite wounds on his tail…….poor thing!  He is recovering longer also until his tail has a chance to heal up.  Sending some pictures for you to see. 

I hate releasing them back outside.  All of them are hissing, spitting and growling at me when I trap them, and after a week of recovery & lots of good food, they just love me to pet and scratch them! 

At least they are getting fed daily by a caretaker and they do have pretty good shelter behind this office complex. Sad for me, though, because I get so attached to each one of them.

February 13, 2020 It has been a whirlwind here!  As soon as I moved here I discovered a colony of about 25 cats behind an office building very close to my house.  NONE of the cats were fixed and many of them looked sick.

I found out that the Pender County Animal Control has a wonderful program here to fix feral cats for free!  I only have to pay for any extras that I need.  I have trapped, fixed and released 2 cats so far.  They were both female, so I recovered them for a week in my garage.  I have NO lodge!!!

They were fairly healthy and I felt ok about releasing them back.  There is someone who feeds them, makes them shelters and gives them fresh water every day.  That is the best I can do for them at this point is to just get them fixed, shots, Revolution, etc., and set them free.  I would give anything if I could have than sanctuary that I always wanted!  

Here are the 2 kitties that I TNR’d successfully. Also, here is a picture of the three cats I captured tonight and will be taking in tomorrow.  That is only 5 so far, but that’s a start and 20+ cats to go!!! I have a bad feeling that the Russian Blue Mix kitty is blind.

Please remember FURR and pass along that I am still working hard to save as many cats as I can!  FURR still needs LOTS of help……..financially & your prayers.

Thank you all & I miss you VERY VERY much!