Narayana - May 2021

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Sept 23, 2020: Meet Narayana in her video! (she is shown above and there is more on her incredible story below). I purchased a chicken coop for her who is going back to her caretaker’s house. This is a cage with a house in it where she can get re-established for a couple of weeks before letting her out. I pray for her! She has NO TEETH, but she does have her claws and now a new safe house to live in. All I can do is hope that she will survive and be ok!!! I will miss her. We have been through a lot with all that mouth surgery!

I also rescued FIVE kittens fixed last week and had to set up recovery cages for all of those for a week.  That did take a chunk of money out of our account, but they are all READY for adoption now!

Narayana after dental surgery – Aug 2020

Sept 3, 2020: NARAYANA had her FULL MOUTH extraction last week and she did great! We never did raise enough money to cover the $900 surgery, so we still NEED to get any donations at this time to help cover her bills! NARAYANA has been on pain medicine and antibiotics for a week. She has been eating soft food just fine and actually has begun to eat some hard food. She seems happy and purrs a lot, so I know she is out of pain now a nd a LOT more healthy! I hope this gives her a lot longer life to live. The surgeon showed me her xrays and EVERY SINGLE TOOTH was either infected, abscessed or broken off! For only being about 5 years young, she has really been through it.

This severe stomatitis and gingivitis is caused by a number of factors, but mostly environment, poor nutrition & genetics. I am so happy that I finally caught this kitty and fixed her up!

Much progress has been made but after the rescues noted above we urgently needs funds to continue! Please click the Donate button to the right to help us care for kitties in need!

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Narayana’s Rotten Teeth – Aug 2020

August 18, 2020 I was able to trap a kitty from the Hampstead colony that has been alluding me for a few weeks. FINALLY I trapped this little cat and took her to the S/N clinic for shots, spay surgery, testing, etc.

After I got her home, I began watching her in her recovery cage. Surprisingly, this feral cat became quite happy being safe in the cage and getting food constantly, but……….I noticed that she stuck out her tongue a lot and licked her lips a lot. These are signs of something wrong with her mouth. After a couple of days, I felt comfortable taking a closer look and I was able to open her mouth. To my HORROR, her breath about knocked me over and her teeth were HORRIBLE & mouth is infected!!!

The S/N clinic said she was probably a little older than most of the other colony cats and they put her age around 5 years old; however, they failed to even look in her mouth to see that she was in horrible pain, infection & rotten teeth……..probably due to a horrible diet, living outside for 5 years and never having any vet work done whatsoever. It was so sad to see her like this!

I scheduled another vet visit for her. Her name is “NARAYANA” and she is so sweet! She doesn’t deserve to live like this! Our vet agreed that her mouth was so horrible, that she needed a FULL MOUTH EXTRACTION………that means every single tooth (that is left in her mouth) must be pulled.

Right now the vet is booked out for TWO weeks! I am really sad for her, but have her on some pain medicine every day to help her eat. I have been making her a soupy mixture of wet food and she is just loving that! This is a really nice kitty and I will put her up for adoption after healing from her surgery.

July 9, 2020 I have trapped 16 cats from the Hampstead Colony so far. They have all been fixed, given shots, treated for fleas & worms, recovered at my house and released back. The man that owns the building where they live outside IS feeding them and giving fresh water. All of these cats are feral. I have kept TWO of the adults: The gray mama cat that was pregnant (she is now tame & has 7 kittens in my guest room), GRIGIO (who is now tame and was hurt horribly from being hit by a car) and 5 more kittens that I have plus 1 more kitten that I got another rescue in Charlotte to take. She was too young to just be alone and when I grabbed her, as she ran by me, it several months ago. I didn’t have any other kittens then.

The Pender Co Animal Control has done some of these cats for free, except that I have to pay for the blood testing and deworming. Now the free clinic is closed and I am having to go to the Cape Fear Spay Neuter Clinic which charges from $85 – $120 per cat. I have three more cats at the colony to trap and fix. I have the mama cat and her 7 babies plus the other 5 babies that all need to be fixed & 3 sets of shots.

GRIGIO – Ready for Adoption!

LILAC – Adopted!
MARY KAY – Adopted!
CARBON – Adopted!
BLAZE – Adopted!
CHEEKS – Adopted!
FUZZY – Adopted!
WUZZY – Adopted!
INKY – Adopted!

March 8, 2020 The TNR project in Hampstead that I am working on is going right along pretty well.  I have trapped eight cats now, out of the 25, and had them fixed, shots, dewormed, etc., and released. 

They have been pretty sick, with upper respiratory infections, so I have given them antibiotic shots and I hold them until they are feeling better.  One of the cats had horrible bite wounds on his tail…….poor thing!  He is recovering longer also until his tail has a chance to heal up.  Sending some pictures for you to see. 

I hate releasing them back outside.  All of them are hissing, spitting and growling at me when I trap them, and after a week of recovery & lots of good food, they just love me to pet and scratch them! 

At least they are getting fed daily by a caretaker and they do have pretty good shelter behind this office complex. Sad for me, though, because I get so attached to each one of them.

February 13, 2020 It has been a whirlwind here!  As soon as I moved here I discovered a colony of about 25 cats behind an office building very close to my house.  NONE of the cats were fixed and many of them looked sick.

I found out that the Pender County Animal Control has a wonderful program here to fix feral cats for free!  I only have to pay for any extras that I need.  I have trapped, fixed and released 2 cats so far.  They were both female, so I recovered them for a week in my garage.  I have NO lodge!!!

They were fairly healthy and I felt ok about releasing them back.  There is someone who feeds them, makes them shelters and gives them fresh water every day.  That is the best I can do for them at this point is to just get them fixed, shots, Revolution, etc., and set them free.  I would give anything if I could have than sanctuary that I always wanted!  

Here are the 2 kitties that I TNR’d successfully. Also, here is a picture of the three cats I captured tonight and will be taking in tomorrow.  That is only 5 so far, but that’s a start and 20+ cats to go!!! I have a bad feeling that the Russian Blue Mix kitty is blind.

Please remember FURR and pass along that I am still working hard to save as many cats as I can!  FURR still needs LOTS of help……..financially & your prayers.

Thank you all & I miss you VERY VERY much!