Batman (laying) & Robin (sitting) Aug 2022

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August 2022 – Here is the amazing Story of “The Batts” kitty family that Terry has spent a great deal of time and money rescuing this summer!

READY for Adoption:

  • Batman and Robin – read their part of the story below after Daddy Batts
  • 4 Batts kittens – read their part of the story below after Batman and Robin

NOT YET READY for Adoption:

  • Mama and Daddy Batts

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Daddy Batts – not yet ready for adoption

Daddy Batts injury Aug 2022
Daddy Batts recovering Aug 2022

I got a call from a little old man, Mr. Batts, about 2 cats in his neighborhood. He wanted them GONE. I explained that I had NO room to keep them, but would at least TNR (trap-neuter-release) them for now. I told him I would GIVE him the food if he would just feed them & give them clean water. So, I trapped a HUGE gray tabby & white male. “Daddy Batts” was completely pitiful. He was skinny even though he had a large frame & big jaws. He was BEATEN up to a pulp. His arm had multiple puncture wounds from a dog or coyote (above left) & he was hospitalized for 4 days & cost FURR about $600 on top of the $200 S/N clinic. I got him an antibiotic shot when he was neutered, etc. I put him in a cage in my garage to recover. I have A/C in there for recovery cats. He literally ate & slept for a week. I felt so sorry for the horrible life he had had in his 2 short years on this earth. Needless to say, he has healed up beautifully, but I STILL have him.

Batman (long hair) and Robin (white spot on chest) ready for adoption

Batman arrival midsummer 2022
Batman now Aug 2022

After I caught Daddy Batts, I went back to catch the next cat. GOT TWO TEENS IN SAME TRAP! Oh boy…. 2 boys, both black. One long haired boy & one short haired boy with a white spot on his chest. They were about 5 months old and scared to death. I got them fixed, tested, etc., and put them in a cage in my garage to recover. By the time i went into the hospital, the 2 cats had been in a cage for 2 weeks and they were letting me pet them. I BEGGED every friend, rescue, family, neighbor, etc., to PLEASE foster them. One of the Wilmington cat rescue groups had just had a person apply to be a foster, so she gave me the new foster person. Kristy, bless her heart, took the 2 teens over to the Foster’s house because at this point I am in the hospital.

Robin arrival midsummer 2022
Robin now Aug 2022
Batman (sitting) & Robin (walking)

The foster still has them and they are now READY FOR IMMEDIATE ADOPTION! The foster has done a tremendous job, but cannot keep them much longer! Also both have had their shots, been fixed, etc.

Batman (laying) & Robin (sitting)

Would love to Adopt them together!

Mama Batts Aug 2022
Mama Batt’s kittens Aug 2022

Mama Batts
(not yet ready)

4 Kittens (ready!)

But….the story TOTALLY doesn’t end here….another cat showed up at Mr. Batts neighborhood. I’ve already trapped THREE that I still have & he called me to say there was one more. CRAP!!! It’s like a bottomless pit & I need soooo much help…. So, I trapped the last one that was another black cat…great. I took it to the S/N clinic, and when I picked her up in the afternoon, the vet told me that they fixed her, etc., BUT that she had JUST HAD KITTENS VERY RECENTLY!!! I just started to cry. She has now been away from new borns a whole night & day and now she has just had surgery! I told the vet I would have to let her go if the babies had ANY chance of survival & pray to GOD I haven’t caused kittens to die!

This “Mama Batts” kitty was tiny & skinny. She, in NO WAY, looked pregnant or to be nursing. The vet said I could let her go after a few hours after surgery….and again, I was just in tears. I HATE it when this happens & you catch & fix a feral cat that has KITTENS!! So, I rushed to PetSmart, with Mama Batts in the car, left the car running, and bought my first GPS collar. I had to figure out how to program it, get it on a collar & get it on HER. I got all that done, released her after a few hours, called my sister to come sit with me.

Mama Batts took us to an old abandoned boat & there, inside, were 5 new born black kittens!!! They were barely alive & still had umbilical cords on them & they couldn’t have been more than a couple days old. I got the kittens out of the boat & put them in a small carrier. Then using the kittens as bait, backed up a trap to the carrier & re-trapped Mama Batts who went right in to get to her babies. One of the babies had terribly infected eyes & even after Kristy & Patty took it to the vet for me (I was in the hospital), it ended up passing away. My heart was broken, but I am grateful for all trying to save it. I paid to have the little one cremated & added to the FURR cremation box with our still much loved FURR friends from the past.

Mama Batts & her 4 kittens have since been in my bathroom. The kittens are 4 weeks old now, all black & adorable little black bear cubs! If someone takes Mama Batts along with a kitten (or 2), special pricing, food & free vet care provided for 6 months! Mama Batts is short haired shiney black, very young (probably not even 1 yr yet) and healthy! She is already spayed, shots, tested, microchipped, etc. All vetting comes with the kittens at the appropriate age. Mama Batts is shy, but loves to be petted, rubbed & getting better & better about being picked up. She has had it rough & deserves so much love!

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