Sheba's Pretty Blue Eyes - April 2017


Sheba with New Mom Pat - May 2017
Sheba with New Mom Pat – May 2017


Mary, one of the FURR Volunteers, had called me about 2 more young kitties dumpted at her aunt’s house in Gastonia.  I agreed that she could take them in and rescue them as long as she was willing to foster them temporarily until I had room at the lodge.  Mary only had the cats a few weeks and FURR had them spayed, tested, shots, etc., but Mary agreed to bring them to the PetSmart weekend.  Low and behold, BOTH kitties got adopted!!!  Sheba had a million phone calls, but ended up in the perfect home with a wonderful couple that had one young adult cat that is also a lilac point or Siamese mix!  Their current kitty is very docile and the couple wanted a friend to keep him company.  WELL, it didn’t take long for SHEBA to adjust to her new home & all is absolutely PURRFECT!!!  We are so happy for SHEBA and her new home!!!


We have rescued beautiful Sheba! She was definitely in danger being outside, so FURR has taken in the sweet young female kitty. We do believe she was left behind by people who moved away, leaving this poor girl to try to survive all on her own after being a member of their family!  She is sweet, but a little shy and is a unique looking snow show (Siamese mix).

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