Buggy - Aug 2017


Update September 2017 – Adopted! Check back soon for this story. 

Buggy is just as sweet as pie!  Watch his video!

This poor little kitten lived underneath the buggy carts at a Target store eating scraps for TWO weeks before FURR was called. He was SO tiny (about 8 weeks) and SO skinny. No one could catch him but FURR immediately went out and trapped the little guy. He was purring as soon as we got him out of the trap and cuddled him!

BUGGY has amazing and unusual light blue eyes and he is happy as a lark with anyone that will spend time with him! This kitten will be the epitome of the “great male orange tabby” being called the best cats in the world! He’s gonna be one of those!

For adoption information or to schedule a visit to the FURR lodge to meet this kitty please email Terry at adoptafurrcat@gmail.com.

Learn how to adopt this kitty! FURR adopts to approved homes only in the Charlotte and surrounding area!

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