Case in Point: Sneakers Returns Home!

Watch this YouTube Video of his reunion!

Grab a box of tissues! You will need them for this story, an essential reminder to Microchip your pet today! The post below from the Next Door Neighbor app is shared by Kathleen Franek, a FURR Family Friend, on behalf of Peggy Parker, Sneakers’ Mom

Sneakers - Happy at Home
Sneakers – Happy at Home

Sneakers has been found! This is our 18 year old cat Sneakers that went missing in September! What a shocking phone call today as we had believed after searching for weeks last fall that he had gone away to nobly pass away.  Someone in Weddington Lake Forest Preserve off of HWY 84 (a mile from our house as the birds fly) has been taking care of him for only the last few weeks and decided to have him scanned for a microchip which he has!!!! THANK YOU, Heidi!

 Please tell me if you helped him! If anyone reading this knows any more about his story these last 7 months (perhaps saw him, fed him, or took him in) we would love to hear from you. He is in great shape for an old boy.


Peggy Parker from Stratford on Providence · May 1, 2017