It is with very very mixed emotions that I announce the adoption of TEDDY BEAR!!!  I have loved rescuing, caring for and becoming attached to this big beautiful boy and will miss his face at the lodge!!!  A wonderful family adopted him and I am so happy he found such a loving home!  The story is quite incredible and one that I can’t wait to tell everyone!

Teddy Bear did not exist, to my knowledge, until I set a trap in the rural part of Lancaster, trying to help a distraught owner find her missing cat.  Pretty soon, I am sure the smell of FOOD drew out some pretty rough looking cats that were starving, and I began trapping the “bear” family.  First Teddy Bear, then Santa Bear, Red Bear and Polar Bear!  All of these cats had been living on “the land” and looked skinny, horribly beat up and scared.  My plan was to get each of them TNR’d (trap, neuter, release) and put them back outside at the location where I found them.  I had met an older lady that was willing to feed them.  That plan did not work out!

Each of these cats turned out to be the most gentle and thankful rescues we’ve ever had!  Watch his video and see for yourself! All the cats were neutered and vetted and put up for adoption.  Although FURR was not taking in any more cats, I decided to keep them in my garage until they were ready for adoption.  Polar Bear, Santa Bear and Red Bear were all adopted!  Teddy Bear had several health issues we were working on and for some reason, the right adopter had not come for him…Until!

A wonderful family called to meet Teddy Bear and after meeting him, they could see how amazing and wonderful he was!  Teddy is so unusual in that he seems like a person, loves his belly rubbed, rolls over like a dog and is as sweet as he is big!!!  I told the family that I wanted to get him checked by the vet before getting adopted.  I took him for a checkup and sure enough, he was a lot better, but still had some issues that I felt like I wanted to make sure he was treated for before leaving FURR.  The adopters said that they were totally committed to taking care of him, even with his issues, and wanted him anyway!  I was in tears…who does that?  These types of people are few and far between!

So, Teddy Bear went to live with his new family and they love him to pieces only after one day!!!  I really really miss his big smile at the rescue lodge, but I know in my heart that he will be truly happy and that is what makes this such a great story!!!

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