Zaxby was slated to be euthanized within the hour but a rescue group was trying to save him when FURR was called about a “tipped ear” cat that was trapped and taken to animal control. The cat was labeled as “extremely feral and dangerous”, but the other rescue group knew that FURR could probably save him. He appeared to be sick and was very unhappy being caged. A cat with a left ear tip means that someone earlier had trapped this cat, neutered him, tipped his ear for identification purposes and then released it. Someone had trapped him again and had taken him to animal control to be euthanized.

The rescue group trying to save him did not want to release him again if he was sick. He needed to be healthy before releasing, so FURR agreed to take the feral cat, get him well, and then he would be released back where he had come from.

Well, as you guessed, FURR tamed the cat within hours of getting him! It turns out that he was so happy to be out of the cage that he was ahead-butting us with gratitude! It surely didn’t hurt to see how beautiful he is on top of his amazing kindness! The snow white cat was not sick at all. He only had a little eye infection that was now cleared up. Zaxby (who was trapped behind a Zaxby’s restaurant) is absolutely amazing in every way! FURR, of course, decided to keep him and helped him become soft, beautiful and healthy!

FURR also helped him find his wonderful, loving home with his new Mom! 

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