This story is unbelievable in every way. FURR received a call from a lady saying she had been hearing some sort of crying for DAYS underneath her crawlspace in her house. She finally decided to call someone for help. FURR got a husband of one of the volunteers to go over to the house and crawl underneath. The findings were horrid. There were two kittens stuck between a wall and they could not get out. The kittens were tiny and the mama cat was no where to be found. The mom cat probably gave up trying to save them after they somehow became stuck.

After cutting out the wall, only one of the two kittens was still alive. The one teeny tiny baby was rushed to the vet with a very low chance of survival. The baby was bottle fed and carefully nursed back to health. Slowly but surely “Itty Bitty” began to cling to life! It is surely a miracle that this baby lived.

Not only did she live, but she turned out to be GORGEOUS, super sweet and the center of attention at the FURR rescue facility! Itty Bitty survived the odds against her and found a wonderful, loving FURRever home! We will never forget this tiny baby and how close she came to her demise.

We will always love and miss her terribly!

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