February 2014 

Get the Kleenex out because I have not had to care for a kitty in this bad of shape for a while – Roulette being the last one in this condition, but even Roulette wasn’t this bad.

He was shivering, hungry, emaciated and weak.  This poor kitty was curled up at a Lacrosse field during an active game going on. People were walking all around him, looking at him, but acting almost as if they just did not see him.

One good Samaritan noticed that people were looking at something, but walking on by, and she almost couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw this poor creature.  She picked him up and put him on her lap, holding and comforting him during the game, while making calls looking for a rescue to take him.

My phone rang and when I got a text picture of the cat, I knew he needed emergency care to survive.  This was Sunday afternoon and she brought the cat over to PetSmart for me to examine him in the car.  He was curled up in a box, in horrid condition, with runny diarrhea all over him.  He was filthy, skin and bones, had some HUGE claw marks on his side where an animal had tried to eat him (looks like a bear!) and had snotty nose, and overall health was totally compromised.

The lady agreed to meet me at Pressly Animal Hospital on Monday morning for exam.  I got her a free exam since she was a referral, but she and her friends really did not want much in the way of financial responsibility for the cat, but was willing to do a little.  She really saved his life or he would have died.

The vet could not believe the cat was alive.  He looks like a “walking dead” cat.  Dr. Drake said he had no idea how he had survived this long and especially in the cold weather & storm.  After exam, Dr. Drake looked at me and said the cat needs round the clock nursing care.  The woman that rescued him was not in a position to know how to do that, so “Lacrosse” came home with me to be put in quarantine.

Lacrosse had several critical of health issues – two filthy awful infected ears with live ear mites for starters.  He had hook worms, round worms and probably fleas & tape worms.  He had a nasty upper respiratory infection and was sneezing with runny eyes and nose.  He had diarrhea pouring out of him out of control.  He was skin and bones and wounded in several places.  He had ringworm (possibly mange), tremendous hair loss and could not even stand up straight.  He looked like a chicken in the back…….legs bent, quivering and barely able to hold him up.

Since Monday, I have been tending to him around the clock.

He is STILL alive…….praise GOD!

He has started to eat on his own, he is trying to purr (raspy) and is being super excited to see me when I come into his room.  His is gaining control of his bowels a little bit, but still has horrible diarrhea.  He is on antibiotics, dewormer, Amodium, ear medicine, vitamins and prescription food for intestinal problems.  At this point, we can only pray for him to make it, but it looks to me, like he has turned a good corner because he seems “almost” happy.

I have given him two baths, so the pictures you see are AFTER his bath…..which are a HUGE improvement. Lacrosse is an unneutered male and is too sick right now for surgery or shots.  He tested NEGATIVE for feline leukemia and aids, much to my surprise.

Lacrosse - Our Office Manager - May 2014
Lacrosse – Our Office Manager – May 2014
Lacrosse Celebrating Christmas
Lacrosse Celebrating Christmas

Today, Lacrosse is a permanent FURR family member and sometimes Office Manager.

In his spare time he enjoys lounging around the Lodge, showing off his new-found good looks and charming Volunteers and Visitors.

In fact he is so happy to be alive and well that he did not mind at all when I dressed him up for Christmas!

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