Foxie Fall 2015
Foxie – Fall 2015

Fall 2015 -Foxie’s Story:

I received a call late one night from a friend of mine with a horse farm.  It was late, but urgent.  My friend told me that their farm dogs had chased and cornered something underneath the shed at the farm.  He said he thought it was a cat.  He knew the danger that it was in on this big horse farm knowing that even if he locked up the dogs temporarily, eventually the dogs would get the kitty and destroy it.

I immediately went over to see about the situation.  With a flashlight I could see that sure enough it was a VERY thin, emaciated kitty hiding underneath the building.  She was very tiny, very skinny and very scared.  I was able to lure her closer to me with some tuna and when close enough I grabbed her by the scruff and put her in a carrier.  She was pretty upset, to say the least, and I got a couple of really good bites from her on my hand.

After getting her to the lodge, I put her into one of our isolation rooms to evaluate her.  She was soooo tiny and scared, but after getting her out of the carrier, she immediately warmed up to my talking soft to her and began rubbing my legs.  This cat looked so pitiful and was mearly an older kitten, half starved to death.  You could feel her bones and emaciated body.  It was sickening.  The farm that she was rescued from was Fox Den Farm, so I decided to name her “Foxie”.

It didn’t take long to realize that all this kitten needed was some TLC, food, vet work and love, and she would be an awesome kitty!  She was so beautiful (to be) with a marbled tabby dark coat and white accents and had an adorable little black mouth!  She really reacted in an extremely good way to the care she was receiving.  After a good month in isolation she was moved to a regular room at the FURR rescue facility.  FOXIE became a favorite!  She is the sweetest thing, absolutely beautiful and has a teeny weeny meow that is quite funny sounding like a mouse! She will always be a little kitty, but she certainly will be a wonderful pet!  We have all fallen in love with this happy little girl!!!