CITY & CAROLINAS are having a ball!  They did not stay in their “safe room” for long and the new owners just couldn’t stand it!  They opened the door and let them out.  Luckily, the cats did great and besides doing great, they are running up and down the stairs and all around the house (which has a circle around the downstairs)!  The cats are doing GREAT and having so much fun!  I think it is really hard on these kittens when they become teens and have not been able to run run run!!!

The couple was very hesitant about taking the 2 boys, but after my explaining to them all about why they need each other, they decided to take both.  NOW, they can truly see how much fun they are having and they are super glad that they got both the boys!!!  I am so happy for these kitties and just love hearing about how much they are LOVED!!!

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