Adopt Socks Today!

Beautiful light gray, orange and white tortie. SWEETEST cat ever! Less than a year old with 4 little adorable babies. She is the best little mama kitty ever!! This amazing cat will make anyone happy! She is truly an angel!! FURR adopts to approved homes only in the Charlotte and surrounding area. For adoption information […]

Adopt Cleopatra Today!

CLEOPATRA is a unique looking and young kitty ( really a kitten still!) and she is full of fin and gets along great with all the other kitties! For adoption information or to schedule a visit to the Feline Urgent Rescue & Rehab rescue facility to meet this kitty, please email FURR’s President and Founder, […]

Adopt Samantha today!

Update: June 12, 2019 SAMANTHA WAS SPAYED YESTERDAY. She is doing well & resting in the cage in Pinky & Hooter’s room. She is LOVING attention and making biscuits! Please spend time with her and let her know she is loved! She is, of course, on pain meds!!! She must stay in her cage until […]

Adopt Slippers Today!

SLIPPERS has had it ROUGH! This beautiful, colorful, sweet mama kitty has had multiple litters of kittens before finally being rescued by FURR! She has lived on her own underneath an abandoned house and she has been lucky enough to survive……..somehow! SLIPPERS is so grateful to be safe, warm, fed & loved! She is reciprocating […]

Adopt Pinky & Hooters today!

What a hilarious couple! Pinky (left-male) and Hooters (right female) are so happy together! Please consider adopting them together! Read on for the amazing story of Pinky’s near-death experience with heartworms. April 27, 2019 GOOD NEWS! PINKY went to Dr. Sayer this week to get another echo cardiogram & checkup. His heart and lungs look CLEAR!!! […]

Adopt Brevard Today!

WHAT A STORY!!! This poor scared kitten was a mama with new borns if her own…..a kitten with kittens. She was doing her best trying to hide them & find enough food to survive when Animal Control was called! Of course mama hid while Animal Control took the new babies and killed all 4 of […]