BIRDIE was the ONLY long-haired kitten born to Sun City Mama Kitty and BOY did I have a lot of applications for him!!!  She was born at our rescue facility and has been handled and socialized since day one! Well, the couple that adopted him could not be more PURRFECT for this kitty and wait until you hear why!!!

This couple adopted a beautiful blind kitty named Ginger!  They heard about the kitty and actually waited while it had surgery to have her eyes operated on.  The eyes had to be removed and this loving couple saved her and offered her a secure & wonderful home.  Their blind kitty is named “Ginger”.  There was another kitty in the household that sadly passed away leaving Ginger lonely.  The couple decided to get another friend for Ginger, but needed a young kitty that was fairly laid back and sweet.

Not only did BIRDIE fit the bill, but he looks JUST like Ginger!  They are both GORGEOUS long haired orange & white beauties!  Just look at these pictures!  BIRDIE settled in really fast and Ginger is slowing coming around getting used to her new little buddy!  You can see from these photos that BIRDIE is stress free and totally happy!  What a wonderful life!!!

I am so happy for Liz, her hubby, Ginger AND Birdie!!!

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