I am so happy to give you a WONDERFUL report on Mama Dogwood

I rescued this kitty on Dogwood Lane in Indian Land with her three little kittens!  She was soooo pitiful, starving and in horrible shape.  The kittens were dirty, skinny and sad.  I am thrilled to tell you that the nice couple that adopted Mama Dogwood just loves her to pieces!  I got an update along with some pictures and I was in tears reading about how she is doing!

Dogwood talks constantly to tell them how grateful she is!  She follows them around and expresses her most innermost feelings to them!  She is the center of attention from both of them and she sleeps with them, plays, talks and have a wonderful life of happiness!  These pictures really show how bright and healthy and happy she is!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what makes the kitty world go round!!!

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