Apollo and Zeus with New Mom Kathy – October 2015

Apollo and Zeus were adopted and delivered to their new home!!!  This is a fabulous home and there are no other animals.  The lady of the house, Kathy, is at home a lot and her husband works very long hours.  I think these twins are going to be the love of her life!

Kathy and her family had lost their older kitty and decided they were ready to adopt.  The funny thing about this adoption was when Kathy called me, she said she wanted TWO TABBY BOYS!  WOW!  We had several sets of those and I was happy we could oblige her!

These kittens are so loved by everyone at FURR, it is sad not seeing them jumping up on the glass door! These are the last two of the seven kittens that little mama Hera had.  It is still a miracle that she was able to birth all of those tabby kittens being only a kitten herself!  Well, the house that these two boys went to is quite spacious, so I believe they are going to have a great time and a wonderful life.

We will all miss them!