Lynn and Tuxie Belle Jan 2016
Lynn and Tuxie Belle Jan 2016

Early 2016

Today,  Lynn and Jerry took home TUXIE BELLE!!!  I cried when they left and I am truly amazed at this selfless act.  These wonderful people adopted a shy kitty and took her home because she had been at the lodge for soooo long!!!  I can’t think of a more admirable thing to do than to adopt a kitty for life that is NOT the number one choice!!!  Jerry and Lynn are giving their home and love to a kitty that has waited YEARS for a chance to get out of the lodge!!!

Tuxie Belle was rescued by FURR several years ago and was in really bad shape.  She came from a hoarder’s home and when I got her, she was so skinny, malnourished AND pregnant!!!  She was eating rice for food because the lady could not afford any cat food.  The 5 kittens were born and Tuxie Belle did not even have enough milk to feed them.  The kittens had to be bottle fed while we worked on getting Tuxie Belle healthy herself!  Just an FYI, Christine Schultz has TWO of Tuxie Belle’s babies!!!

I want to extend my greatest gratitude to Lynn and Jerry for rescuing this little kitty.  God will forever bless you for saving her from a life in a rescue situation.  Now she can experience a real home, love and comfort.

Isn’t this absolutely amazing???  I’m just in tears!!!

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