Tiara in New Home March 2016
Tiara in New Home March 2016

These pictures tell it all!  Tiara and Huey went to a lovely home and a really nice family!  They are doing great and there is a young boy and young girl in the family that really love the cats!  Tiara had a rough start and I was a little worried about her.  She was having a hard time adjusting to the new environment while Huey was at home right away.  The family did the right thing by keeping them in a room for a good while, long enough for them to get comfortable.

I went over to visit and to trim nails and could see that Huey was doing a lot better than Tiara.  I had a serious discussion with them about taking her back if they thought she might not be a good fit for the family.  I explained that I knew in time she would probably be ok, but that she was just overwhelmed in the beginning.  I clearly left that option open to take her back and swap out with another more outgoing kitty.



Huey in New Home March 2016
Huey in New Home March 2016

To my surprise, I was ecstatic when mom told me that they just loved her to pieces and that they didn’t care how long it took for her to be part of the family………she already was, to them, and there was no way they were going to return her!  That was like music to my ears!  It is few and far between that you find someone patient enough to do what it really takes to befriend a scared kitty, knowing that the gratification is not going to be instant, but that in time it will be so worth it!!!

I am very proud of this family that took these two kitties and very happy to hear that Tiara is doing much better! 

I really miss those two kitties!!!

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