Little SUN was the 3rd and final kitten that belonged to “SISTA” kittyShe has been adopted by Molly and her wonderful family!!!  SUN is such a sweet girl, very patient, and really hangs out a lot by herself.  I was a little worried about her going alone as an only kitty, but so far, Molly says that she is doing great!  Molly is a stay-at-home Mom and has 2 children that just LOVE SUN!  I feel like this kitty is going to be loved to death and have more attention than she knows what to do with!  This is a great home for SUN and we will keep you all updated on her progress!  Molly will definitely let me know if she thinks SUN is at all lonely, but so far, she just purrs and makes biscuits when they are with her!  This is another wonderful adoption!!!

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