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TUX, a big, beautiful and very special boy, was in terrible condition when he was rescued and brought to the FURR facility.  He was covered with fleas and parasites, his fur was scruffy, had bald spots, and in addition to other problems his teeth required extensive dental work and several of his nail beds were badly infected.  TUX was not only in severe pain, he was also a very shy and frightened boy.

But after months of rehabilitation and tender loving care, he has made a remarkable improvement both physically and mentally, and is now healthy, handsome, loves attention, and interacts well with volunteers and other kitties.  He is on a healthy diet and eating up a storm, his coat is clean and shiny, and most importantly, TUX is happy, responsive and playful – he has grown strong, learned not to be afraid anymore, realizes how much he’s loved, and purrs to beat the band when getting attention!

All of us at FURR are so happy to see how much progress this sweet boy has made – not only health wise, but his personality as well.  He is not the same shy, sick and depressed kitty who arrived at the facility.  But as much as we all love him, we know it is only fair that he has the chance to move on to a caring forever home.  If you are looking for a big, beautiful boy, TUX is the kitty for you!  Please come to visit him – you will see how he got his name and how gentle he is. We know you will fall in love and hopefully decide to share your love and home with him.

FURR (Feline Urgent Rescue and Rehab), which the North Carolina Agricultural Extension Agency has rated the number one cat rescue facility in a twelve county district, is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to rescue homeless and/or feral cats and prepare them for adoption. Once rescued the cats are brought to the FURR rescue facility where they are fully vetted – spayed/neutered and tested for feline aids, leukemia and heartworm disease, kept up to date with all their shots, and are tamed and socialized in a cage free environment.  When ready they are put up for adoption to carefully screened homes only in Charlotte and the surrounding area.  FURR’s Adoption fee also includes Microchipping!

For adoption information or to schedule a visit to the Feline Urgent Rescue & Rehab rescue facility to meet this kitty, please email FURR’s President and Founder, Terry Schultz, at

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If you are not ready to adopt a kitty, please consider fostering or sponsoring. All donations are tax deductible.

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