Fall 2015

This GORGEOUS little female kitty was rescued from an awful place…..a scrap yard!!! She was  only about 6-8 months old and already pregnant! Thank goodness she was rescued by FURR before she had her 3 adorable little babies!

Scrappy is a buff and white, short-haired female with an AMAZING personality! She loves everybody!!! She is so petite and very funny! She plays a ton (because she is still a kitten herself!) and her fur is amazingly soft……..like velour! Scrappy gets along with other cats just fine and loves people! She cracks us up chasing her tail and playing with her toys!

Oh how sweet her story is now!  A wonderful family came to visit the lodge with 2 kids.  I always wonder how the kitties will react to youngsters, since they do not see many children.  Most of the cats run away and either puff up, hiss or hide!  But not SCRAPPY!  She came out and wanted to see what all the fuss was about!  She completely amazed me with her curiosity of the kids and her wanting to play with them!  The little girl just loved having Scrappy chase a toy and she ended up putting a purple string toy around Scrappy’s neck!  Scrappy just sat there and looked at her!  It really was amazing to see this adorable little cat having fun with the kids.  I think this became an obvious match!  I went to do the home visit and the family has a beautiful home with LOTS of room, including a basement, for her to run around!  They also have an adorable young doggie that is super friendly and just wants to play.

I am thrilled that Scrappy is going to this young family and I believe she will fit right into the mix with no trouble at all!  Thank you sooo much Katie, Hubby, Logan (17 months) and Cooper (4 yrs old) for adopting this very special kitty!

Scrappy has truly gone from rags to riches with Mary Whiteside rescuing her from a horrible, busy, truck-infested scrap yard, to Mary’s home where she blew up like a balloon & had 3 babies, to the FURR lodge to THIS!  We are so happy for this happy ending!

Update October 2016

Remember the kitten (NOT) that Mary rescued from a scrap yard in Gastonia?  The pitiful kitten that I agreed to let her trap that turned out to be a pregnant female!!!  Yes, SCRAPPIE (the mom) got a wonderful home and the family came back and adopted one of her babies, Rustie, to keep her company!  Well, needless to say, this picture says a thousand words about how well these two are doing together!  It looks like a valentine card!  FURR is soooo happy to see this adorable picture of mom and baby!!!  It is just totally sweet!!!