Oh my goodness!  Yes, I’m REALLY gonna cry on this one!!!  I knew that beautiful, majestic POTTER would get a home……no doubt about that!  BUT, SWEETIE PIE!!!!  She has waited for a home for SO LONG……..years!!!

Sweetie Pie and Edie Pie were rescued from a construction site when they were just babies!  Their mom, Mama Mia, was also rescued.  Edie Pie was adopted quickly since she was more social (who knows why?), but Sweetie Pie has been so shy that no one wanted to give her the time of day.  Sweetie is really very kind hearted and wouldn’t hurt anyone, she is just shy!  I always thought someone would just fall in love with her, especially because of her beauty, and because she really gets to love you after getting to know you!  Finally, she is getting her chance!

Sweetie fell in love with Mr. Potter and the two are so in love!  When I explained this to Potter’s new adopter, Lyn, she was taken back and agreed that it would be tough to separate them.  Lyn has agreed to take both cats and see how it goes!!! I am so hopeful that it will work out!  Potter is definitely getting adopted and Sweetie is being fostered for now, but again, I will pray for this to be her forever home and hopefully it will all work out!  Isn’t that wonderful news!!!

On Sept, 27, 2016, I took Potter and Sweetie Pie to their new home!  Sweetie has been with FURR for FOUR YEARS!!!  Many many thanks to Lyn for giving her a chance at happiness!!!

POTTER was an amazing kitty that I just loved dearly, but I knew in the back of my mind that he would get a wonderful home.  His beauty and gentle nature made him so special especially after all he had been through.  He came to FURR totally beat up, depressed and thin.  In time, he became trusting, healthy and absolutely gorgeous!  I will miss him terribly but I am so very happy that LYN has adopted him!  He is in a beautiful home with a tremendous amount of love!  LYN had just lost her dear cat and she had been referred to us by Dr. Moses.

I talked to LYN extensively about SWEETIE PIE.  I explained to her that she was NO DOUBT Potter’s girlfriend and that they had a really strong bond.  Poor Sweetie Pie has lived at the FURR lodge for soooooooo many years without a single change of adoption due to her shyness.  In time, as you get to know her, she was super sweet and loving, but it always took a lot of patience and time for her to feel comfortable around people.  After explaining all of this to LYN, she agreed to take Sweetie Pie along with Potter, not only for Sweetie Pie, but to help Potter adjust to his new life as well.  I cannot tell you how happy I was (ok……more tears!!!) that Sweetie Pie has this chance.  LYN will keep Sweetie Pie for a while and decide if she wants to adopt her permanently.  Personally, I would be SHOCKED if she did not adopt her!  Well, just look at this picture right after delivery!!!  Within a few hours, Lyn said that Potter and Sweetie were side by side on the ottoman in their room looking out the window!!!  It’s a union meant to be!  Besides, they make a very lovely couple!!!  Many thanks to LYN for not only giving the beautiful Potter a home but for understanding the need of a rescued kitty that no one else wants!

Update November 2016

I got a call yesterday from the very nice lady, LYN, who adopted POTTER and took Potter’s girlfriend along to foster her, which was SWEETIE PIE.  Lyn told me that she is totally in LOVE with both kitties and that they never leave each others sides!!!  She wanted to officially adopt Sweetie Pie (daughter of Mama Mia above!!!) and I was thrilled!!!  I just have to quote Lyn in order to tell you how she gave me the good news……….unbelievable!!!  See below:

“Hi Terry, I wouldn’t think of separating the two.  They do everything together, eat, sleep, etc.  I’ve been calling her Sweetie Stella; she has beautiful green eyes.  When Sweetie is relaxed, she has a pretty smile.  Sometimes she is more friendly than Potter.  I love them both.  They love to sleep on my bed in the evening…….Yes, I’ll adopt her.”

WOO HOO!  Isn’t that absolutely wonderful!!!  Bless you Lynn for loving these two amazing kitties!!!


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