We want to share some heartwarming stories of our kitties finding their forever homes with their new families.  If you want to create your own story with a wonderful kitty, check out the Available Kitties page!

“Hi –

… I’ve been meaning to write for awhile so I thought I would take this chance to update you on our special girl… Goldi Picnic (formerly Picnic).

She might be the happiest cat we’ve ever met.  We are convinced she never stops purring, particularly if we approach her!  She is sweet, loving, playful, curious, affectionate and just brings a smile to our faces.  She loves to snuggle up on the couch if we lay a blanket over us and often sleeps in bed with us.  Although she joins us at some point in the night so we wake up to find her curled up behind our legs where we have no chance of moving!  As a matter of fact, my daughter was recently sick and Goldi curled up on the couch with her to take a nap!

We are amazed how she comes running out to greet whoever comes into the house, particularly our daughter when she gets home from school!  She comes running when she hears our daughter’s voice and rubs her face all over her.  Then she even greets strangers, looking for love, rubbing her face on their hands.  She is just amazing.

We will be forever grateful to you for rescuing her and giving her a chance at a loving family and a happy life!  We will always remember the night you brought her to us.  To sum it all up, we are in love with her!!!

Stefanie Aranda”


“Did you get my pics of Simon (formerly Cobalt)?  What a character he is.  He’s decided I sleep by his schedule, not vice versa.  He is ready to get up at 6:30 in the morning.  If I don’t get up, he does everything to get me up.  First he starts clawing the carpeting by the door (ugh)…then he jumps on the bed and starts nipping at my toes….then he climbs on my nightstand and starts knocking things off.  If all of that doesn’t do the job, he gets on my bed and gets his face real close to mine and starts pawing at my face.  Needless to say, I am then ready to get up.  I love him to pieces !!

BJ Bates”


I just wanted to drop you a note to say how much we love Helms(we actuallyrenamed him Buddy). He is such a sweet boy and loves to be in my lap whenever I sit or in between my legs at night when I sleep. He is a love and is a wonderful addition to our family. Thanks for everything that you do.

Shannon McCoy"


“I haven’t updated you on Tucker (Tucson) in a while so I thought I’d send this little email with a cute valentines day picture of Tucker! He’s doing well, he’s been introduced to all of the dogs and gets along great with them, although they’re still a little confused as to why this little jingling ball of fur likes to rub all over them and everything else.  He definitely doesn’t like having his nails clipped but my mom and I tag team and get him to cooperate. He has been getting a bit chubby, but hey it’s more to love! It’s probably because I give him wet food so he can get his medicine along with his dry food that’s left out for him.

I hope everything’s going well with the cats and I hope you have a great Valentines day! (:

tuscon valentines 2013

– Sara


“Hi Terry-

Nice to hear from you. Gibson (Amaretto) is doing very well. He adjusted to our home very easily. He loves to snuggle and be petted. He’s pretty lazy and we’re ok with that. The kids love him so much. He is so good with them. When he’s had to much of the daily camotion he just goes and finds a quiet place to hang out. He has never scratched, bit, or otherwise been aggresive to anyone, ever. He has been a wonderful addition to our family and we love him very much.

Hope you are well.


P.S. I attatched a picture of Gibson from this past Christmas. He liked sleeping under the tree before Santa came.”



“Dear Terry,

It’s me Jacklyn, the one who got Mango.  Mango is soooooo sweet, she is my baby.  She can’t wait for me to get home, and sleeps with me every night!  Anyone who knows me, knows Mango!  Mango is getting better at liking men, however still likes women more.  I love her so much.  Mango “talks” all the time, I love it!  The money included, is for you.  I raised it by the bracelets, if you recall.  $5 went to Allie Cat Allies, the program that this card came from.  The rest went to you.  We knew how much you loved cats, so I donated to you!  The past few months I have donated to the church, and did not get 1/2 the amount that I got when I told people I was “saving the world one kitty at a time.”  We had Mango a birthday party, for when she turned 3, we even made red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing for her!  Just so you know, she licked some of the icing!  Also, if I do not get in bed by a time Mango wants me in there, she stands at the door and goes Meow, until she finally gives up.  It is so funny when we all leave, she “prowls”, we know because if we need to come back inside she is all the way in the kitchen!  She stays in my room when my family and I are here.  Mango is so pampered and loved here.  She has her own quilt and “mini pillow pet”.  She loves her family soooo much!  Probably as much as we love her.               Mango + Jacklyn Deal”

(Jacklyn raised $27 for FURR by selling her hand-made bracelets out of soda cans!  I am the proud owner of one of those bracelets.  This is one amazing young girl that truly knows what the spirit of loving an animal is all about.  I am blessed to know her and Mango is also blessed to be her kitty!  Thank you Jacklyn for the wonderful letter and the generous donation to FURR!      ~ Terry)

Mango1    Mango2



Another wonderful email…

“We love our sweet rescue kitties and are so grateful that you helped us bring them in a little over a year ago.  I just can’t stand hearing about the abuse some of these sweet kitties suffer outside –so hopefully the little profit you make from the t-shirts and promotion of FURR from the shirt will help more kitties find safe and loving homes!  Our Elisha (he was dubbed “Bobtail” with you) is currently on his window “ledge” snoring, little Callie is curled up sunbathing and my big boy Magneto is snoozing and trying to fill up the whole love seat (he developed a curly tail — when he’s happy it curls up over his back!  so funny).

I think you’d be happy to know that because of our involvement with you, my in-laws too, are now more observant of stray cats.  They’ve seen 2 cats “appear” in their neighborhood, and quickly took action — one ended up being a formerly owned cat that was abandoned when it’s owners moved, so they took this cat in temporarily and found her a permanent home.  The other kitty stayed with them a week while they attempted to find her owners, and when neighborhood emails, etc. yielded nothing, they took her to the vet and found her microchip!  This poor kitty had just moved with her family, and her teenage owner was crying daily since she had slipped out of the house.  How happy she was when her kitty was returned safe and well-loved!  (Seriously well-loved.  My father-in-law would sleep in the same room with her so she’d have enough attention and snuggles.)

And we are happy to report that we’ve had no strays or abandoned kitties show up at our apartment complex here at the Meridian since you helped us bring in and spay the kitties.  I saw Licorice on your website — sad that she’s still with you, but she looks absolutely beautiful!  Such a difference.

Ever grateful for the work you do,

Kelsey Schuster”