‘Cat’, Patty Cake’s new mom, has already posted her excitement on Facebook, but Terry tells her full story because it is extraordinary, even for a rescue full of amazing stories!

In the summer of 2015, a nice lady named Cat (can you believe it?) called about Patty Cake, came out to the lodge and looked at all the cats, but went right back to Patty Cake. So I told her the story of how Patty came to be at the lodge. It is an emotional one for many of us.

Patty was trapped several years ago at the CVS store in Waxhaw, NC after someone reported a kitty living around the dumpster there.  She had obviously never been around people,  was emaciated, horrible looking, covered in fleas and very unsure about what I was going to do with her.

I brought Patty Cake to the rescue facility, gave her lots of love for several weeks until she was healthy and could mingle with the other cats.

Six months later, a back window in the ‘FURR Lodge’, where the kitties live, was broken into by someone cutting a small hole through which 2 cats escaped, Freeway and Patty Cake. Freeway was found later deceased from some sort of attack. Patty could not be found. FURR posted a $500 reward but no one called. We posted fliers and did all we could to find her, searching day and night for weeks. Because she had only lived at the lodge a few months, that was probably not enough time for her to choose to stay near the FURR Lodge. We began to lose hope.

Then someone called me a year almost to the day, to tell me that a little gray cat was hanging out at the CVS in Waxhaw!  Could it be?  Really?  I rushed down to the CVS with my trap and came home with PATTY CAKE!  It took her a year to find her way back across 5 miles to where we had rescued her originally.  After restoring her health again, we wanted her life to be especially wonderful in the future.

But, no one wanted her.  She was an adult cat and often adopters gravitate to the kittens.  So Patty Cake waited a long time at the rescue facility.

Which brings us back to the nice lady name ‘Cat’ who me about Patty Cake! She is just as determined to give Patty her dream come true!  She completed the adoption papers and paid her adoption fee, but asked me if she could wait until after a party she had already planned to bring Patty Cake home. Of course, I agreed.  Thankfully, Cat is quite sensitive to Patty Cake’s needs and how much we love her.  Cat came to the lodge every morning to help Patty get familiar with her and spent time with her every day.  Cat even brought a towel with her cat’s scent on it for Patty to get used to.  Cat has a beautiful tuxedo boy that is super sweet and laid back.  It should be a good fit for Patty Cake. It is such a blessing that Patty Cake is benefiting from such an incredibly patient and attentive transition after all she has been through.

So Patty Cake traveled, gracefully this time, to her new FURR-ever home with Cat on Monday, Sept 21st, 2015 (Terry’s Birthday!). Patty’s tree will go with her because she has lived at the top for so long. A flood of emotions go along with this adoption. It has taken years to get her healthy, comfortable and happy.  I am so happy for Patty, but it was a difficult good-bye for me.