F.U.R.R. Friends gathered during two recent PetSmart Adoption Weekends and a lucky few met the Fabulous Feline who became a new friend!

The photos above are of the Sept. 12-13 event, where FURR had a fabulous time at the National Adoption Weekend Sept. 12-13, 2015 at the PetSmart Store on Rea Road in Charlotte, NC. We will add photos from the Nov. 14 event soon!

Thank you so much to the families of the kitties who found new FURR-ever homes this weekend!

There will be future events at this same location – please check back soon:

PetSmart Store Event Location:
Rae Road – 9911 Rea Rd., Charlotte, NC, 28277 Phone: (704) 846-4565
Contact : Terry Schultz at 864-483-2444