Sweet little MULLIGAN got a fabulous home with new mom Jennifer!!!  Jennifer is a delightful person and just fun to be around!  She told me she was looking for a fluffy, long-haired kitten!  I told her just to come out and fall in love…and she did…with MULLIGAN!!!  He is a short-haired tabby with a HUGE heart who was born at our rescue facility and has been handled and socialized since day one!  Funny how that happens!!!

Jennifer came back again to the lodge to see if it was really love, and sure enough, it was!  Little Mulligan had captured her heart, but meanwhile, Jennifer had adopted another youngster that was needing a playmate.  Now the two kitties will get to know each other & have lots of fun together.  Jennifer knew that I really wanted Mulligan to have a playmate and its worked out great!  I am sooo happy for Mulligan!!!

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