One of the FURR volunteers passed by a large deserted place that used to sell produce but had been closed down and evidently the feral cats that lived there had just been left to fend for themselves. The cats were skin and bones, sickly and very scared. FURR worked with our volunteer to take on the mission of rescuing the colony. We trapped about 15 cats and kittens there that survived. Two of the cats were beyond help and had to be humanely euthanized. The rest of the cats and kittens were set up in cages in the volunteer’s garage.

After a ton of work, a ton of donated funds and lots of hours of care, the cats began to come around. They became more and more healthy and tame each day. Fern is one of the gorgeous kittens! Soon a few of them were ready to go to the FURR rescue facility. The cats turned out to be just beautiful and highly adoptable! It was a huge undertaking and very emotional, but in the end most of the cats have found new homes!

She and her sister Myrtle are now healthy, sweet and enjoying their new life with Mom Kathryn! We could not be happier about saving these cats and kittens! Many thanks to our supporters really stepped up to help fund this mission.

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