This poor kitten was trying to survive at a horrible scrap yard! How in the world she got out there is anyone’s guess. She was tiny when she was trapped by a FURR volunteer. She was lucky to be rescued before being run over by the HUGE trucks, equipment and danger that inhabited every inch of this place! “Scrappy”, as we named her, was filthy dirty, emaciated and in rough shape. She had been doing the best she could to survive.

A FURR volunteer took her in to her and realized how scared, but very sweet, the little kitten was! After a couple of baths, Scrappy turned out to be beautiful buff color with white accents. You could not even tell what color she was upon rescue because she was so dirty!

After a few weeks of rehabilitation, Scrappy turned out to be PREGNANT! Yikes! Now we have a kitten having kittens. Scrappy had three gorgeous little orange and white girl kittens, Copper, Rustie and Brassie! She was such a great young mama to her babies and sweet to everyone who visited her!  FURR saved FOUR kitties in this one rescue!

Now all four have wonderful loving FURRever homes!

Scrappy was the best mama kitty ever and we think about her everyday! 

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