Poulet was discovered all alone on a chicken farm. No other kittens were ever found nor was there a mama cat around. It appeared that the tiny little kitten was abandoned or dropped off at this farm.

The chicken farmer knew that the little kitten was in dire need of emergency care and called FURR for help. Poulet arrived at the vet and had to have immediate emergency surgery. There was a massive hernia underneath her belly the size of a tennis ball that had to be removed. Even though she was a little young to be spayed, Poulet was also spayed during the surgery.

Poulet filthy dirty with extremely matter fur. During recovery it was determined that Poulet could not even be groomed successfully, so she had to be completely shaved to remove all the dirty and tangled fur.

Poulet recovered beautifully from her surgery and experiences! As her coat began to grow out it it was obvious how beautiful she was going to be! This kitten would have died within hours of rescue but she survived due to the caring farmer who saved her.

Poulet is now a drop-dead gorgeous cat that has been adopted by a wonderful, loving family!

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