FURR was notified about some kittens living dangerously at a construction site. Buildings were being torn down and evidently the kittens were hiding in the buildings. A construction worker called me to save them.  The kittens were in pretty bad shape and scared to death. FURR set humane traps and caught the two kittens. They were brought back to the FURR facility to begin their rehabilitation process.

After a week had gone by, FURR got another call that another kitten had shown up! Oh dear…poor thing! After trapping the third kitten, it was clear this was NOT a kitten at all! it was a tiny cat and appeared to be the mama cat! The reaction we had when we examined the trap was “Mama Mia! This is not a kitten!” The name stuck with her and so Mama Mia was brought back to the rescue facility.

She was pretty beaten up, skinny and how on earth she fed her two kittens without dying herself is a mystery. She hardly had any life left in her at all. Over time Mama Mia slowly progressed. She became healthy and happy! It took a loooong time to get her back to a normal state, but she recovered beautifully. Mama Mia is now one of the sweetest cast we have ever had. She is meek and kind. She loves to have her belly rubbed  and really loves her Temptation treats! Mama Mia is now about four years young and she is still patiently waiting for someone to take her home.

Update January 26, 2017

Mia & Alana went to their new WONDERFUL home with Linda & Patti last night and I cried all the way home thinking that they are “really” gone and that I finally accomplished for them what I had tried to do in the first place……..just SAVE them!!!  Alana is the very last one of the old Monroe colony where I rescued 2 dozen cats years ago!  Linda & Patti continue to surprise and amaze me and I will always hold them in highest regards for their selflessness with these homeless cats.

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