A lady from out of town called FURR to help trap two cats in her deceased mom’s house in Charlotte. The story of these two cats is unbelievable. The mom has passed away for two weeks before being discovered. Then the mom’s body was removed and after a month, the house was to be cleaned out. Upon entering the house after all that time, it was obvious that there were cats living inside that no one had known about. The cats could not be captured, having eluded all attempts to get them, so FURR was called in to help.

The two cats, Darren and Tabitha, were totally emaciated, starving and still alive by a thread. FURR rescued both cats and took them to the rescue facility. The traumatic experience left quite a mark on the two cats mentally. Physically, they recovered, but mentally they were timid and scared.

After several years of rehabilitation Darren has become an amazing, sweet, tender-hearted kitty. Unfortunately Tabitha passed away at the rescue facility before she ever got the chance to have a real home. So for years we hoped that Darren, despite his shy nature, would still have a chance for someone to understand his story an adopt him. It is truly amazing that he lived through his experiences and deserves a bright future.

Fast forward to Christmas 2015…

This adoption by Toni West is a true Christmas miracle! Toni is giving Darren the home he has deserved and waited on for so so long. Toni lost her beloved Patchy the night of the 2015 FURR Christmas party and we know how much she loved her Patchy……Our hearts are with Toni as she suffers this loss. Toni had mentioned to me for several years about how much she loved Darren and felt so sorry for him living at the lodge for soooo long.  I was absolutely ecstatic when she offered to take Darren week before last.  It was one of the happiest days ever!  Darren is doing really well at Toni’s.  Thank you Toni for giving such a great and deserving kitty a home.

I wrote a letter to the daughter of the lady that had owned Darren.  I told her the wonderful news about Darren going to Toni’s.

She told me that right after I had rescued Darren (and Tabitha), that the house was vandalized and burned to the ground!!!  I can say that we truly did save those cats from a tragic ending……….The Lord works in mysterious ways.

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