FURR got a call from someone at animal control. Believe it or not, in the coldest part of winter, a cat was wrapped up in a cardboard box and left outside a back door. It was TWO DAYS before anyone noticed the box! After taking it inside and opening it up, a cat jumped out, screaming, scratching, growling, etc…cn you imagine?! The weather had been below freezing and with no food or water for two days this kitty was NOT happy.

However the kitty just happened to be drop dead gorgeous! She looked like an exotic cat with her medium length silver and black stripes. FURR was called because the cat was extremely feral and vicious but animal control did not want to euthanize her if at all possible. FURR’s reputation for taming wild cats was well known and so the cat was brought to the rescue facility. “Connie”, as she was named, took all of about a day to tame! She was so happy to be warm, fed and loved that she quickly began to show her gratitude.

Connie has turned out to be one of the most gorgeous cats FURR has ever rescued and she also has a very sweet and kind nature! It was amazing how wonderful this cat turned out to be.

Thank goodness she survived her ordeal and found a wonderful, loving and FURRever home! 

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