FURR received a call that animal control was headed out to Cane Creek Park to round up and euthanize the feral cats living there. Campers had been feeding the cats and they had somehow survived but all of that was coming to an end! FURR rushed out to the park but animal control had already been there and taken the load of cats away. There was one cat left that they could not catch. After hours of waiting and watching our trap, we finally got the lone, last kitty. We took her straight to the vet to get spayed and vaccinated.

When we moved “Cane Kitty”, as we then called her, to the recovery cage, she woke up and escaped in the Vet’s office! No one could find her for days, so after 5 days went by, FURR hired a professional animal trapped to come help. He discovered that Cane had climbed up on top of the metal cages and had fallen down behind them. She was lodged between the wall and the cages. She had never made a sound. FIVE days after surgery, with no food or water, all of the cages were dismantled until we could get to her. She managed to survive and FURR was determined to give her anything she could ever want after this tragic event!

It took over two years for Cane to begin to trust us. When she finally did she was so sweet and friendly. She had the cutest little sounds she would make when we brushed her! We are so very thankful that Cane survived not one, but two catastrophic events! She finally found herself in a wonderful home after waiting for years to get her chance.

Cane and another FURR cat live together now at their new home and we get constant updates on how well they are doing!

What a blessing it all turned out to be!!!

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