Arbie was a feral kitten when she was rescued by FURR along with the rest of her family. When she was trapped, she was really in bad shape, extremely underweight for her age and looked like she may or may not make it. After significant vet care and lots of love and patience, Arbie survived, gained weight and became a real sweetheart! FURR was amazed that she did so well during her rehabilitation.

Unfortunately, when Arbie was going through her routine spay surgery, she crashed and died on the table. The vet, in a panic, was able to resuscitate her but she was without oxygen to her brain for 3-5 minutes. Although she had a heartbeat, we did not know if she would make it or not, and if she did make it, would she be able to function and live normally?

We rushed Arbie to the animal emergency room to give her the best possible chance. Arbie was comatose upon arrival and there wasn’t much hope. Miraculously, every day she would show a little progress…just enough to keep us praying for her and hoping for the best. Each step was a miracle and when she was able to sit up and she started to walk a little bit, she was returned to the FURR rescue facility.

There was an outpouring of emails, Facebook posts, cards, letters and donations all coming in for Arbie! It must have worked because after extremely slow progress, she is now able to function as a normal kitten with the exception of her being blind. Arbie is the sweetest little kitten you could ever meet. She has RE-learned how to sit up, walk, clean herself, chirp/chatter, purr, eat and even carry around a ball! The progress has taken WEEKS and we have all been totally amazed! Arbie also comes when you call her and LOVES to be held and kissed. She is truly a blessing to us at FURR!!!

Update September 2016:

OK……Everybody cry!!!  Patti has written me the most wonderful email asking to take Arbie into her family permanently!  She said that she cannot imagine herself being without ARBIE AND she cannot imagine ARBIE living anywhere else!  I am just beside myself with this news!  Patti is one of the most amazing people that I know & extremely generous, loving and giving!  It takes a very special person to adopt an animal with special needs.  It is never easy to make this decision because it is disruptive, a lot of trouble, expensive and time consuming, however, it is probably the greatest way anyone could ever give of themselves not looking for anything in return, but changing the entire life of a rescued animal.  Patti, we are all so proud of you and we are excited, relieved and happy for ARBIE!  That poor kitty went through so much and we never even knew if she was going to live or die.  Thousands of tears were shed worrying about her!  Then, when she did live, we did not know what kind of a life she would have or who would ever want her?  FURR is extremely grateful to you and believe me, even though you ask for nothing, you will be truly blessed for this courageous and selfless act!!!  I feel proud to be able to know you and ARBIE is very, very lucky to have you as her mom!!!

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