Louie is ready to adopt! Here is his wonderful story of rescue and recovery.

Louie’s Story begins January 17, 2018

Last weekend while I was out of town and a friend of mine called about a feral cat that would show up at the edge of the woods behind her house.  She said she had seen the cat a couple of times, but then it would disappear for a week or so.  This past weekend she saw the cat again and she could clearly see that it was injured…….badly injured.  The cat was literally dragging its hind leg.

I asked my friend to put out some food and water for the cat to keep him close by and to get one of my traps.  She got the trap, baited it the next day and the cat went in!!!  When I got the call Saturday afternoon that he was captured, but we could not find ANY vet anywhere to see it.  The cat looked pretty bad so I told her just to go ahead to the animal ER.  It was literally a matter of life and death.

This cat had been captured before and TNR’d (trapped, neutered & released) because he was already neutered & had a tipped ear….but, as important as it is to spay & neuter our outdoor cats, this is a prime example of what can happen to them and why their life span is only 5 years on average as compared to 18 years as an inside cat.

The cat had a horrible injury to his left hind leg.  According to the ER vet, it appeared that a coyote, dog or some other predator, had bitten the cat’s leg in the upper thigh and somehow the cat got away leaving the cat with a horrible bite wound and all the skin pulled off of his hind leg.

The ER vet said the cat was emaciated, very very anemic, severely injured and dehydrated (that is in addition to the parasites, FIV+ status and just overall poor condition).  They wanted to keep the cat overnight to monitor it, give it pain medicine, antibiotics and fluids.  It was terrible.  When I saw the picture that the ER vet took of his leg, I had my doubts about prolonging this cat’s agony, but the ER vet assured me that after having a pain patch put on the cat’s back, he would no longer be in any pain.

On Sunday, the leg had been cleaned and wrapped.  The ER vet said it will most definitely need amputation, but that the cat was not strong or healthy enough for surgery.  He would need daily care, leg washing, rewrapping, antibiotics, nutrition, fluids, etc. for about a week before he could withstand surgery.

My friend picked him up and kindly put him in her bathroom until I could get him on Monday to transfer him to Dr. Moses.

On Monday I picked the cat up.  I had decided to name him “LOUIE” after the amazing true story of Louie Zamperini (see the movie “UNBROKEN”).

Dr. Moses and her staff were amazing.  Dr. Moses seemed determined to do everything possible to save Louie’s leg, although there are no guarantees.  She took him in, cleaned the leg, re-wrapped it and said he needed at least a week stay in the hospital.  After a week of daily vet care, we will know a lot more.  Will this cat survive?  Can his leg be saved?  It is totally touch and go, but as of the first day at Four Seasons Cat Hospital, Dr. Moses is very pleased.  Louie is eating, pooping, peeing and actually standing a little bit on his leg even though it is wrapped up & he has to wear the cone of shame!

I am very moved by this cat’s story.  The fact that he had been living in the woods for weeks with this type of horrific injury is unimaginable.  I am determined to save him.  We can’t do that without help!  LOUIE will have some enormous bills whether or not the leg has to be amputated.

So far we have spent about $900 at the ER Vet. I would anticipate another $1500-$2000 in bills for this kitty. PLEASE PASS ALONG THE WORD THAT WE DESPERATELY NEED DONATIONS FOR LOUIE!!! We have some amazing supporters that give us a LOT, but in cases like this, we do not have the funds in our normal balance to cover such as this and we are reaching out to EVERYONE that may be able to help.



Louie Update January 23, 2018

LOUIE is still at Four Seasons Cat Hospital under the care of our FANTASTIC vet, Dr. Moses!  Every day LOUIE”s leg is getting cleaned, wrapped and cared for.    They are using hydro therapy and physical therapy on his leg and there has actually been a HUGE improvement!  This news is really good because the prognosis of him being able to keep his leg is now a real possibility!!!  Dr. Moses has been working with LOUIE to get his leg to start bending.  It was literally “frozen” in place, not only from the atrophy but probably also due to the frigid weather that he had to endure while dragging this leg behind him.  The leg was frozen in more ways than one.

The pictures I am going to attach show how much he has improved.  LOUIE is also being very cooperative with all the hands-on care.  They have had to sedate him at times while working on the leg due to the extensive pain, but they are managing his pain levels, he is on antibiotics and he is eating, drinking, pooping and peeing just fine!  This is a huge relief!  All the other body parts seem to be doing well!!!

Today, LOUIE actually DID have surgery.  Dr Moses closed in some of the skin to try to get it to heal together and she actually did some “hair plugs” that were removed from his back and implanted into his leg where there is no hair.  The plugs (like grass plugs, I suppose!) will take hold and also help to fill in the bald spots on his leg.

This cat has really been through it!  Thank GOD my dear friend Bobbi Marr trapped him for me while I was out of town.  She basically saved his life because he could not have possibly lasted much longer in the condition he was in.  I cannot even fathom the pain and agony this cat must have gone through.

Thank you all again for the donations to help LOUIE.  This type of emergency can really be expensive, but with everyone’s help (and Dr. Moses’ very generous discounts to us), hopefully we can pay his bill!!!


Louie’s update February 5, 2018

LOUIE IS AT HOME AT FURR!!! LOUIE came home to FURR last night after TWO weeks in the hospital at Four Seasons Cat Hospital.  He is doing ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!  FURR is so very very grateful to Dr. Moses and her staff for saving LOUIE’s life AND his leg!!!  After two weeks of care, wrapping, treatment, good nutrition, SURGERY and love, this kitty is going to be ok!!!  Dr. Moses has saved his LEG!!!  UNBELIEVABLE!

When we picked up LOUIE from the emergency clinic, it was noted that there did not look like there was any way to save his poor leg which was in horrid condition.  Dr. Moses had other ideas!  She believed that with the proper treatment, therapy and surgery to re-attach what skin she could, that there was a very good possibility of saving his leg…….and she was right!

Last night the staff at Four Seasons showed me how to continue his care and the wrapping of his leg, which I have to do every afternoon.

Thanks you TRACIE, JANET & JOAN for your help wrapping his leg, as it certainly is easier with 2 people!!!  As long as someone is at the front end of LOUIE giving him yummy soupy food to eat (thank you Dr. Moses & staff!), he is so enthralled in his food consumption, that he really doesn’t pay much attention to what I’m doing to his leg!  He does get a little wiggly, but TRACIE did great today helping me get it done!

This cat is AMAZING in every way!  A feral (TNR……trapped/neutered/released) cat, that was living in the woods in pain, starving to death AND in the middle of the FRIGID weather, has now become a total HAM!  When he sees someone coming, he starts meowing, purring, rolling over and stretching and just can’t wait for some love!  The Four Seasons Cat Hospital staff went on and on about what a sweet boy he had become and they all fell in love with him!

Do you think that the warmth of a safe & cozy place to stay, lots of food for a full belly, pain meds and the ultimate care could have influenced him???  I certainly do!!!

This cat is a total miracle.  He should have died.  Thank you to my good friend Bobbi Marr for calling me about him.  Bobbi, following my every instruction, trapped him and took him to the animal ER.  If she had not taken it upon herself to help out (I was out of town), this cat would surely be dead.

There are soooo many people to thank!

Our donors have been UNBELIEVABLE!  We have now generated enough money to pay ALL of Louie’s bills!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  You all are the most kind and wonderful people on the earth!


This cat will be a conversation piece, at the very least, for the lucky person or family that adopts him!!!

Louie’s update March 5, 2018

LOUIE is doing absolutely FABULOUS!!!  He is officially out of his E-collar and FREE!  His leg looks wonderful and had healed up amazingly well!  The only problem we are having at the moment is Louie’s constant scratching of his face & neck & ears???  I am taking him to Dr. Moses tomorrow to see if perhaps he has an ear infection?  Other than that, he is SUPER vocal (as always), fun loving, playful and as SWEET as ever!  This amazing kitty will be going up for adoption VERY SOON with ALL FOUR LEGS WORKING WELL!!!

THANK YOU DR. MOSES & STAFF!!!  This story is just totally amazing!  Who would have thought this cat would have survived, MUCH LESS without having to have his leg amputated!!!

Thank you BOBBI MARR for calling me about this injured cat!!!  He is one in a million kind of special!!


Louie’s update March 25, 2018

Louie is ready for adoption! Watch his video!

And that’s not all! LOUIE has also made a new friend, “MOONEY”, and the two of them are absolutely inseparable!  It is so cute to watch them together and they sleep together in one BIG ball!  I am really holding out hope that these two kitties can go together……but you all know how hard that is to even get just one kitty adopted these days!  Let’s all say a prayer that the two cats can remain together & live happily ever after!!!

For adoption information or to schedule a visit to the FURR lodge to meet this kitty please email Terry at adoptafurrcat@gmail.com.

Learn how to adopt this kitty! FURR adopts to approved homes only in the Charlotte and surrounding area!

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