Please Donate or Volunteer for several Urgent Colony Rescues Still Underway

Each bold, pink headline below tells another story of the critical work Terry is doing – all by herself! – to help as many kitties as possible in the Hampstead-Wilmington-Topsail Beach communities in North Carolina!

Please Donate, Volunteer to help, Volunteer to Foster or Adopt a cat or kitten today!

Update December 1, 2021

I’ve trapped, fixed and recovered another 20 cats that were all feral adults at the seafood trucking place. One has Feline AIDS and I found a sanctuary and took her there. One has Feline Leukemia and I drove him to Charlotte where Kathleen, a long time FURR Volunteer who also works with an airline, who flew him to a sanctuary in Texas. I also drove 4 Feline Leukemia + to a sanctuary in Charlotte last weekend. Read this article about 3 kittens in a cage together need a temporary Foster while we’re awaiting approval to take them to their new home in Texas.

Found a colony of at least 40-50 cats

Oct. 24, 2021 – Have been trapping every night before it becomes hundreds – recently got 2 more kittens and 1 adult so far. Cannot even imagine how many cats & kittens would be there is I hadn’t stepped in! I have no help and need temporary foster homes to keep kittens alive. Also need funding. Have kept 7 kittens so far and fixed and release out a dozen. Still extremely urgent situation with more kittens in need! Do not want to fix and release at 3 months old but I am overwhelmed!

Also found more cats at the Topsail Island colony

Oct 24, 2021 – I got 4 transported to Virginia. Tragically, the remaining cats in this colony were killed by a coyote, even the caretaker lost on of her pets to the coyote. One female left and got her trapped and spayed only to learn from the spay/neuter clinic that she’s a nursing mom! So we had to release her and pray her kittens are alive!

Finally some good news – Helped another lady in Topsail Beach to trap 3 black feral kittens she had been feeding by the beach. Got hem fixed and thank God the lady’s vet took them in for adoption!

Foster Home(s) urgently needed

Oct 24, 2021 – My Realtor found 3 kittens about 5 weeks old and she is trying her best to foster them, but she has a child, dogs, puppy, busy life and no extra room to put them! So they are in a play pen about about to get out so desperate for a foster home for these three kittens!

Special Needs Kitties

Oct 24, 2021 – Got an FIV+/Felv+ cat into a sanctuary but have kept a bunch of these also …

Hampstead Colony needs continue

Oct 24, 2021 – In my prior Hampstead colony, all cats trapped, fixed and released but I still have 6 that need homes.
Now one is sick that was released! Got to re-trap and get to the vet ASAP! Needs funds and help with all this trapping every night!

Urgent Hampstead injury reported

Oct. 25, 2021 – I got an emergency all from from my original Hampstead colony to catch one of the feral cats there that is injured. Once in a crate, I see he has a horrible problem – his teeth are completely rotten and black!! He must be in so much pain! He has ulcers all over his mouth and tongue. All I can do is pray the infection hasn’t affected his kidneys or liver, but blood work will determine that. So this will be at least $1,000 – Lord help me! He hasn’t been able to groom himself won’t eat at all. He looks about half the size he was when I trapped/neutered/released him. I’ll be rushing him to the vet in the morning.

Oct 26, 2021 Update – I just got the call from the vet. Terrible news. Kitty had masses on his liver (more than likely cancer), rotten teeth, had developed heart work disease, liver damage, weight loss and dehydration. He had IV fluids, antibiotics and pain meds, x-rays, ultra sound, etc., and he gave up just when everyone was working so hard to save him … He passed away. So sad. His caretake was heartbroken. Still, we need a fundraiser for his bill…