Foster or Adopt a “Battlet” family kitty! Cute new video!

September 2023 Watch this funny new video of Terry with the Battlet youngsters that are now “Young adults”!


January 2023 Updated photo above of the 3 remaining adorable “Battlet kittens”, 2 males, 1 female, all are now “teenagers”. These teens come flying up to the door whenever someone comes to see them! See them play in this video (apologies that it’s “grainy”, but you can still see all the action!)

The photo to the right is the 2 Batlett males, who would be sooooo happy to be adopted together!

The sweet female would also be soooo happy to be adopted with her Mama!

READY for Adoption January 2023 – their stories are below:

  • 2 boy, 1 girl kittens
  • Mama and Daddy Batts

In November 2022:

  • 1 Batts kitten adopted
  • Batman and Robin transported to another rescue – their story below

August 2022 – Here is the amazing Story of “The Batts” kitty family that Terry has spent a great deal of time and money rescuing this summer!

Daddy Batts

Daddy Batts injury Aug 2022
Daddy Batts handsome colors
Jan 2023

I got a call from a little old man, Mr. Batts, about 2 cats in his neighborhood. He wanted them GONE. I explained that I had NO room to keep them, but would at least TNR (trap-neuter-release) them for now. I told him I would GIVE him the food if he would just feed them & give them clean water. So, I trapped a HUGE gray tabby & white male. “Daddy Batts” was completely pitiful. He was skinny even though he had a large frame & big jaws. He was BEATEN up to a pulp. His arm had multiple puncture wounds from a dog or coyote (above left) & he was hospitalized for 4 days & cost FURR about $600 on top of the $200 S/N clinic. I got him an antibiotic shot when he was neutered, etc. I put him in a cage in my garage to recover. I have A/C in there for recovery cats. He literally ate & slept for a week. I felt so sorry for the horrible life he had had in his 2 short years on this earth. Needless to say, he has healed up beautifully, but I STILL have him.

Batman and Robin

Batman (sitting) & Robin (walking)
Batman (laying) & Robin (sitting)

After I caught Daddy Batts, I went back to catch the next cat. GOT TWO TEENS IN SAME TRAP! Oh boy…. 2 boys, both black, a.k.a. Batmann and Robin. One long haired boy & one short haired boy with a white spot on his chest. They were about 5 months old and scared to death. I got them fixed, tested, etc., and put them in a cage in my garage to recover. By the time I went into the hospital, the 2 cats had been in a cage for 2 weeks and they were letting me pet them. I BEGGED every friend, rescue, family, neighbor, etc., to PLEASE foster them. One of the Wilmington cat rescue groups had just had a person apply to be a foster, so she gave me the new foster person. Kristy, bless her heart, took the 2 teens over to the Foster’s house because at this point I am in the hospital.

The foster still has them and they are now READY FOR IMMEDIATE ADOPTION! The foster has done a tremendous job, but cannot keep them much longer! Also both have had their shots, been fixed, etc.

Update November 2022 – Batman and Robin were transported up north to another rescue group.

Mama Batts and kittens

Mama Batts Aug 2022
Mama Batt’s sitting pretty Jan 2023

But….the story TOTALLY doesn’t end here….another cat showed up at Mr. Batts neighborhood. I’ve already trapped THREE that I still have & he called me to say there was one more. CRAP!!! It’s like a bottomless pit & I need soooo much help…. So, I trapped the last one that was another black cat…great. I took it to the S/N clinic, and when I picked her up in the afternoon, the vet told me that they fixed her, etc., BUT that she had JUST HAD KITTENS VERY RECENTLY!!! I just started to cry. She has now been away from new borns a whole night & day and now she has just had surgery! I told the vet I would have to let her go if the babies had ANY chance of survival & pray to GOD I haven’t caused kittens to die!

This “Mama Batts” kitty was tiny & skinny. She, in NO WAY, looked pregnant or to be nursing. The vet said I could let her go after a few hours after surgery….and again, I was just in tears. I HATE it when this happens & you catch & fix a feral cat that has KITTENS!! So, I rushed to PetSmart, with Mama Batts in the car, left the car running, and bought my first GPS collar. I had to figure out how to program it, get it on a collar & get it on HER. I got all that done, released her after a few hours, called my sister to come sit with me.

Mama Batts kittens Aug 2022

Mama Batts took us to an old abandoned boat & there, inside, were 5 new born black kittens!!! They were barely alive & still had umbilical cords on them & they couldn’t have been more than a couple days old. I got the kittens out of the boat & put them in a small carrier. Then using the kittens as bait, backed up a trap to the carrier & re-trapped Mama Batts who went right in to get to her babies. One of the babies had terribly infected eyes & even after Kristy & Patty took it to the vet for me (I was in the hospital), it ended up passing away. My heart was broken, but I am grateful for all trying to save it. I paid to have the little one cremated & added to the FURR cremation box with our still much loved FURR friends from the past.

Mama Batts & her 4 kittens have since been in my bathroom. The kittens are 4 weeks old now, all black & adorable little black bear cubs! If someone takes Mama Batts along with a kitten (or 2), special pricing, food & free vet care provided for 6 months! Mama Batts is short haired shiny black, very young (probably not even 1 yr yet) and healthy! She is already spayed, shots, tested, microchipped, etc. All vetting comes with the kittens at the appropriate age. Mama Batts is shy, but loves to be petted, rubbed & getting better & better about being picked up. She has had it rough & deserves so much love!

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