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Meet FURR’s President, Terry Schultz, and the kitties you’re helping in this video of Terry with kitties ready for adoption!

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For shipping or in person delivery of donations, please call/text Terry’s cell at 864-483-2444 to make arrangements.



For Hungry Kitties:

  • Please: NO Beef, Turkey or Chicken flavors
  • Fancy Feast grilled all SEAFOOD flavors
  • Fancy Feast Savory Centers – all SEAFOOD flavors
  • Fancy Feast Gourmet Naturals – all KITTEN FOOD SEAFOOD flavors
  • Purina Cat Chow Naturals Original with Added Vitamins, Minerals & Nutrients Dry Cat Food
  • Royal Canin dry KITTEN food
  • Royal Canin canned KITTEN food
  • Treats:
    • Catnip
    • Friskies Party Mix Beachside Crunch Flavor Crunchy Cat Treats

For Clean Kitties:

  • Mr. Clean Magic Eraser – we use several a day!
  • Dawn dish washing liquid – Powerwash spray bottle REFILLS- fresh scent – we use several a month
    • Look for blue liquid with yellow duckling on bottle
  • FREE & CLEAR detergent
  • Clorox BLEACH (please make sure kills 99.9% bacteria, etc.)
  • Paper towels – The good kind! Bounty extra strong or Costco paper towels
  • Nature’s Miracle Stain & Odor Remover – Scented Enzymatic Formula
  • Fragrance free dryer sheets
  • Non-plug-in air fresheners

Monetary Donations for Veterinary Care:

  • Click the Donate button to the right to help us re-stock the highly nutritious foods and other necessities listed below.
  • Gift Certificates of any amounts from Walmart, PetSmart, Ace Hardware, Chewy or Amazon
    • For toys, scratching posts, supplies, litter, cat collars, ID tags, etc…
  • Checkups, medications, vaccines and dental care
  • Spay/Neuter Clinics
  • Revolution monthly flea and tick prevention for cats & kittens
  • Emergency veterinary care for injuries and illnesses of rescued kitties

For Litter Boxes:

  • Arm & Hammer SLIDE MULTI-CAT scoopable litter 100% dust free (Chewy)
  • Arm & Hammer deodorizer for cat litter boxes (use a lot of this!)

For Comfortable Kitties:

  • Feliway Classic Calming Diffuser Refill for Cats, 30 day, 3 count
  • Furry, soft blankets
  • Cat toys like the Turbo Scratcher and Refill
  • Cat Trees and Kuranda towers
  • Bird seed & black oil sunflower seeds for the bird feeders outside of the kitties’ windows

Other essential daily needs:

  • Stamps, copy paper
  • Ink cartridges for Cannon Model 250 & 251
  • Tall Kitchen Trash bags
  • Large zip lock baggies
  • Towels