Sake is beautiful - Dec 2020

Sake is Adopted!

June 2021: Good news! Sake is Adopted!

7-12-21 SAKE was adopted by my good friend, Bobbi Marr, in Monroe, NC.  Bobbi has adopted SEVERAL FURR cats in the past and had recently lost one of her FURR cats to cancer.  It was a very sad passing, but Bobbi wanted to offer a new life to another rescued kitty.  Bobbi came and stayed with me one weekend and she fell in love with SAKE.
SAKE came to me from Charlotte extremely feral, scared and injured.  She had to have 2 surgeries to correct her prolapsed rectum, but healed up beautifully.  SAKE slowly, but surely, learned how things work at FURR!  She was going to be petted and loved on whether she wanted it or not!  She would also learn to cohabitate with all the other rescued kitties and learn that socialization was a fun thing.  SAKE became ready for adoption after several months of rehab at FURR and everyone just fell in love with her…….including Bobbi!
Bobbi took SAKE home and it was pretty much an instant success.  Bobbi has a lot of experience in introducing cats, being patient with new or frightened cats and reading the cat’s behavior to know when ready to the next step.  SAKE just loves Bobbi, sleeps with her and plays with all the other kitties.  Bobbi tells me how they play and chase each other around the house.  It is just music to my ears that this is such a great home for SAKE.  She is so beautiful and Bobbi is the lucky one that gets to look at her and feel her soft fur every day!  I miss SAKE every day!

Original Story: December of 2020 I received a desperate call from a well-known cat lady named Marilyn. She said that someone had trapped a cat and had brought it to her. The cat was extremely feral and was living behind a Japanese restaurant in Charlotte. Marilyn took the cat in and realized that it had some medical issues. It had a prolapsed rectum! Poor skinny, scared, feral kitty was living a rough life outside AND with a horrible medical issue!

Sake in the trap – Dec 2020

Marilyn got the cat to the vet and they managed to get the rectum back in place, but the kitty, “SAKE”, needed rest, meds, etc……but, Marilyn had trouble handling the cat and she asked me to please take it and work with it. I agreed, but she had trouble trying to get SAKE into a carrier. She had SAKE in her bathroom. Finally SAKE got into the carrier and the trapper drove from Charlotte to bring SAKE to me. I met him about an hour outside of Wilmington and picked her up.

The trapper of the cat was a really nice man and he has stayed in touch with me about SAKE. He told me that he had been the one to trap SAKE, taken her to the vet to get her spayed & to fix her prolapse, but when he went to pick her up after her surgery, she ESCAPED outside!!! She had just had surgery! After two weeks of trying, he was able to trap her again, thank goodness, but he delivered her to Marilyn. Now, she is probably really traumatized.
SO, now I have SAKE. I was very intrigued with this little kitty. She was DROP DEAD GORGEOUS and about a year old. BUT, she was very scared & hissed like crazy! All you had to do was look her way, and she would spit on and hiss at you!

I got SAKE home and I just sort of experimented with her. When I picked her up and held her really snug up against my chest, she kind of settled in. She took a deep breath, hissed a couple of times, but then she was ok with it. I temporarily put her in a cage so that I could handle her often. She warmed up quickly to my touch, my feeding her and to being brushed.

However, during the stress of moving AGAIN to a new place, the rectum prolapsed again! YIKES! I had only had her a few days when this happened again.

I had to rush her to the emergency vet. They had to do surgery this time, put the rectum back in place, stitch her up and put her on some heavy duty antibiotics, etc. She came back to FURR the next day and I had to care for her. She healed up beautifully this time and has had no problems since her 2 week recovery.

SAKE is now running around with all the other cats at FURR. She is very playful and lets me handle her with no problems! She is really sweet and grateful. She purrrrrrs now and rolls around when I am petting her! She really has taken to me, and gets along with the other cats fine, but would probably do just fine also as an only kitty.

SAKE is completely healthy now. She is still shy when meeting new people, but it doesn’t take her long to trust them. All it takes is a little time and patience. She will be a wonderful cat for someone that can be quiet around her and give her time to adjust. She actually looks like a miniature Ragdoll kitty. Her eyes are ridiculously BLUE and her long hair is silky soft. Her coloring is just gorgeous. SAKE will always be a tiny kitty. I doubt she will ever weight must more than 6 or 7 pounds. She is AMAZING and I have just loved working with her!!!

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