Lakes at FURR before leaving - Sept 2016
Lakes at FURR before leaving – Sept 2016

Oh boy, was this a tear jerker!!!  I cried all the way home from delivering LAKES to his new family!  I love this family and I truly believe LAKES has found his wonderful “FURRever” home, but parting was such sweet sorrow!

I remember being very surprised when I checked the trap I had set at Sun City Lakes Carolinas and found, what appeared to be, the DADDY cat responsible for all of these kittens!!!  YIKES!  He had been so elusive that I didn’t even know he existed!  He was SO frightened that he was banging himself all up in the trap, even though I had covered it well with a towel.

I figured that since this cat was so feral, I had better work with him in my big cage in the garage for a while before

Lakes and his New Family Sept 2016
Lakes and his New Family Sept 2016

taking him to the kitty lodge.  He was really really frightened and would run around the cage and bang himself into the sides!!!  I felt so sorry for him, but continued to work with him every day, several times a day, trying my best to hand feed him, talk to him and reassure him that he was safe and loved.

To my total amazement, LAKES made a very quick about face after only a few weeks.  He was obviously beginning to really like seeing me coming and it got to the point that I could rub and pet him with HUGE purrs & meows as my reward!

I moved LAKES to the kitty lodge and it did not take long for everyone to befriend him.  He still liked me best, for a few weeks, but soon learned that everyone there wanted to be his friend.  His amazing & friendly head butts became something everyone looked forward to!  Not only that, he would literally put his arms around your neck and tuck his head up underneath your chin for some love and comfort.  This cat is nothing short of amazing and I would have brought him into my personal home in a minute if I could have.

I really do believe his new family realizes what a prize they have with Lakes.  He is like a person (like a Lacrosse) and I hope and pray that he is happy for the rest of his life and brings Jennifer, Arthur & their 2 girls TONS of head butts and hugs!!!

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