September 2016 Update on April 2012 Adoption

The picture of the week is this adorable photo of the Franek’s kitty “JINX” (formerly FURR cat “Wrigley”) with their other cat “JESTER” (formerly FURR cat “Happy”) in the background!!!
  He is curled up on the GAME OF LIFE game box and Jester watches from the chair in the background!  These two cats were rescued by FURR and have lived for YEARS with the FRANEK’s bringing them so much joy!!!

Whose Survival Story is more Amazing?!

was captured in the dumpster behind the old Southsiders Restaurant in Waxhaw.
  He was a TINY kitten half starved to death rescued while dumpster diving!!!  Who knows where in the world he came from, but thank goodness he showed up at Southsiders because the owner knew to call me right away!  The owner was a HUGE Bear’s fan, therefore the kitten got named after Wrigley Field!!!

Happy, on the other hand, was following behind a teenager around midnight in the middle of Waxhaw highway!  Happy was trotting along behind the guy, but the guy was listening to his music with ear phones in and I don’t think he even knew the kitten was following him!  I stopped my car in the middle of the highway (I was out feeding my 8 colonies of feral cats!) and asked the guy if that was his kitten?  He said, “naw man, dad ain’t mine…..I be sceerd of cats!”  Anyway, the guy wouldn’t even pick up the little kitten and hand him to me, so I had to stop the car in the middle of the highway and grab him!!!

The rest is history & happily ever after!!!

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