This wonderful family just LOVES animals!  They have Dad, Mom, FOUR boys and a dog!  They really wanted to add a kitty to this happy, busy home!  All of the boys are teenagers and extremely well mannered and polite.  After a couple of FURR lodge visits, they could not decide on the ONE kitty that they wanted!  It was between Patootie (who just LOVED Dad and followed him around) and Jake, the little kitten.  They finally decided to just go ahead and take the two.  Well…I was a little apprehensive about that match, so I told them I thought the little kitten really needed to be with another little kitten his same age.  It is important for them to be able to play and learn things from each other.

Soon after I had this discussion with the family, they decided to take Jake, his sister Kristina AND Patootie!  WOW!  Upon delivery I realized that they had the PURRFECT house for all of this activity and they had a HUGE room upstairs with TV where they spent a lot of time together.  The cats were all in there as their “safe room” for now!  Patootie just continues to want to sit in a lap and be loved!  The two kittens, on the other hand, are constantly running, playing and having a ball!  Funny though, the kittens RUN past Patootie and growl at her!  Patootie just sits quietly and stares at them like “Really?” I think this is going to be one BIG happy family!  Isn’t that wonderful!!!  I will especially miss Patootie.

I remember trapping her with Krista’s help.  It had been several long months of trying to catch her.  She lived at a small house RIGHT on Highway 75 where a little old lady was feeding her.  She had already had one litter of kittens and I trapped the only kitten left after 2 of the 3 were killed in the road.  I worried about mama every day and prayed she would get into the trap.

FINALLY she got into the trap and that was a joyous day!  I finally had her safe and sound………or so I thought.  She was quite skinny and you could see her ribs.  I took her to the vet immediately for checkup, shots, spay, etc.  After eating and drinking, while recovering from her surgery, I was stunned to see her start to produce milk!?  What tha?

It turns out that she had just had kittens, but she was so emaciated, no one knew about it or could even tell that she was a mama kitty!  It had been several days since I had trapped her, so in a complete panic attack, I drove down to the house where I trapped her and began looking all over for kittens.  I went underneath the house and all around the yard.  I was terribly afraid that I might find dead kittens and it was haunting me every minute.  The temperature was well into the 90’s, so I knew the chances were slim that they had survived.

BUT, low and behold, I went next door to the neighbor’s house and found two teeny tiny babies that had crawled out into the grass!  They were gasping for their last breath.  I scooped them up and took them straight to Patootie mama kitty.  She immediately began licking them and nursing them.  All we could do was pray.

I went back to the house again and kept searching.  Underneath the neighbor’s house, I found four more kittens clinging to life, all huddled together under the front porch lattice!  I double and triple checked all around the house and yard for any more kittens, but did not find any.  I took the additional 4 kittens to mama Patootie, and again, she stepped up and took care of them.

The story ends extremely well!  All six kittens got fat and happy!  They were all adopted and one of the kittens was a MALE TORTIE!  There are only one in 3,000 calico/tortie cats that are male!  This was a very special kitten for FURR!  What a great rescue this was for all seven cats!  We really miss Patootie at the lodge. She was very much loved by everyone there.

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