Fall 2014

Jacklyn Fall 2014
Jacklyn Fall 2014

This is a fabulous feline story about a DROP DEAD GORGEOUS MAINE COON!! Black, long haired, silky and sweet!

I was getting “Red Alert” emails coming through my phone. This happens when the animal control facilities have, what they call, a highly adoptable cat or kitten, that is going to be euthanized. I usually don’t even look at these emails because it tears my heart out that I cannot take them all.

This email was different – I did not have to open the picture to see it, it just showed up on my phone before I could look away! The picture was of a baby kitten that was just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. The Gaston County A/C was repeated sending out her picture to all of the rescue groups and was stunned that no one was going to rescue her before she was to be killed on Friday morning since her time was up!

Well, it was too late for me.  I had already seen her pitiful and precious face, so I called my contact at Gaston County and put a hold on her.  This was Thursday night and she was to be killed the next morning!

I picked up and named her “Jacklyn” and she was absolutely pitiful. She was teeny tiny and was in a cage with about a dozen other cats of all sizes.  She was covered in fleas (enough to kill her) and her stomach was a huge bloated ball.  I got her home, de-flea’d her, dewormed her, gave her a bath, trimmed her nails and immediately got her some good nutrition and a heating pad to sleep on.  She could not be any cuter or happier.  She didn’t seem to have a clue that she was about to die.

As soon as FURR posted her picture on Facebook we got thousands of hits!  It was amazing how she won the hearts of so many people including me. One lady called us right away. She sent me a text and an email.  She took one look at this kitten and it just had to be her new baby!  I called her and did our normal phone screening and she passed with flying colors!  She was the perfect person to take over caring for this baby!  So we waited for a couple of weeks and then I let Diane take her home.  It has been a match made in Heaven!

I hadn’t had her all that long, but there was just something about her that captures your heart.  It’s probably a good thing she got adopted quickly!